Carex Handwash Strawberry Laces Review


I work in healthcare, so as a result I wash my hands more times than I can count per day, with an extremely drying antibacterial wash that usually leaves the skin cracked and sore. I bought the Carex Strawberry Laces Handwash for use at home as the big kid in me was jumping up and down with excitement at first sniff of the scent. Yup, it smells exactly like strawberry laces, all the way down to the end of the bottle. The smell lingers on your hands long after washing, which leads to me walking around sniffing my hands more times throughout the day than I should admit to. Apart from being deliciously sweet smelling, its still got all the antibacterial properties of regular Carex soap, and is non drying and really kind to hands. I’d imagine that this stuff would be great for families as it can encourage the little ones to wash their hands with a fun soap, and it definitely pleases the big kids too. It’s great value at about €2, and always on offer in Tesco and Superdrug. Next on my list are the bubblegum and cola bottle flavours!

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