Products I’ve Used Up


Empties posts are some of my favourites to read as bloggers tend to post a lot of reviews on different products, but its interesting to see which ones they actually use up! Here are some of my recent used up products-

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original-

This stuff is amazing to refresh your hair on 2nd and 3rd days after washing. Its also great for adding volume. I have dark brown hair but this doesn’t leave too much residue or a white cast like some others I’ve tried. It rubs in easily, smells pleasant and reasonably priced, I usually bulk buy when Superdrug have it on half price offer.

Repurchase- Definitely.

Sanex Dermo Hypoallergenic Bath for Very Sensitive Skin-

I bought this for my boyfriend when he was unwell (man flu), as he has really sensitive skin. I ended up using most of it myself, it was ok for €2. Fairly basic and fragrance free, I much prefer a slightly more luxurious-feeling bath soak.

Repurchase? No.

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash (Sample size)

This smelled amazing, like essential oils. It removed makeup really well and left my skin feeling clean, it also didn’t break me out or dry the skin which is a bonus. A quick google tells me that this is a little bit expensive and not widely available in Dublin, which is a pity.

Repurchase- probably not due to availability.

Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot-

This cream was really great for shrinking spots, it was non stinging and didn’t dry out my skin. I wore this overnight as it left a residue on skin and found it really fast acting. Great value as a tube lasted me a long time.

Repurchase- Yes

Garnier Mineral Deoderant-

This worked well, nice scent and kept me feeling fresh, no white marks or powder fall out.

Repurchase- Yes


Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder-

This bronzer lasted me ages- you get 16.5g of product which is amazing for such a cheap price (around €10). The packaging is nice and slim, the product looks and smells like a bar of delicious chocolate. There are some tiny flecks of shimmer but they’re barely noticeable on skin. It applies so smoothly and gives a lovely golden glow, I tended to use it all over the face, as I don’t think it would work too well as a contour shade.

Repurchase- Yes.

Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Water-

This stuff feels as light as water, yet removes makeup extremely well, even waterproof mascara. I used 2 soaked cotton pads to remove a full face of slap, the formula is great as it doesn’t leave residue on skin and it has no real fragrance. I used it as a pre cleanse or for lazy nights when I didn’t feel like washing my face. I just wish it was more easily available in Ireland.

Repurchase- definitely!

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Body Spray-

I have been repurchasing this fragrance for years! Its a very fruity and floral scent which some may find a bit overpowering. It is pretty long wearing which is something you don’t often get with body sprays. I usually use this for my evening time scent. Its a pity that Victorias Secret isn’t readily available in Ireland, though there is a store in Dublin airport.

Repurchase- I already have several bottles in my stockpile!

Soap & Glory Mist You Madly Body Spray

This was the perfect everyday scent, light and floral, not too overpowering. Its surprisingly long lasting, i applied it at 8am and my siser later complimented me on my fragrance when i arrived home from work, 9 hours after I applied it. I like the packaging, the bottle is plastic which is handy for throwing in your handbag or for travel.

Repurchase- Yes.

So I hope you enjoyed reading about my used up products. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more of these posts in future!

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