Glossybox UK April 2015- ‘Iconic Hollywood Edition’


I was really looking forward to this month’s Glossybox after they gave a sneak peek last month. After all, who doesn’t love old school Hollywood glamour? This month’s theme is ‘Iconic Hollywood’ and as you can see from my photos, the box itself is absolutely gorgeous. I think there were a few different colours available, I got this beautiful blue box with a stunning photo of Marilyn Monroe on the outside. There is also a Rita Hayworth quote inside the lid which is a nice touch. I’ll definitely keep this box to display on my shelf, it makes a nice change from the usual pink and black boxes that Glossybox send out.


There is a pretty good mix of products in this month’s box which is great, its always nice to have a good variety, rather than a box that is heavily reliant on skincare or makeup only. Let’s take a look at the items that I received-


First up was a full size item- the Lord & Berry Lipstick Pencil in the shade Kiss. This is a really nice orangey red matte lip colour that applies really easily and feels soft and smooth on the lips. This is the perfect Marilyn Monroe colour and it really ties in well with the theme. Its not the sort of colour that I’d usually wear, although I’ve been trying to wear bold lips more often, so I’m going to talk myself into wearing this outside of the house sometime soon!

The other full size item was the POP Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Pen in the shade Sooty Black. I have to admit, when I saw this in the box my first thought was ‘that looks like a cheap pound shop eyeliner’. The packaging is a bit too cheap looking for a subscription box that is supposed to be about more luxurious high end items. The pencil is pretty creamy and easy to apply and blend, it has one of those smudger things on one end (honestly I never use those, but it’ll appeal to some). I understand this item is supposed to be a nod to Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic cat eye, but honestly I’m pretty sure every subscriber has more than one black eyeliner in their stash already! I’m sure I’ll get some use from it though.

Next up is a 50ml tub of Astral Original Face and Body Moisturiser. Now this was another item that I was less than impressed with. Seriously, you can pick up a tub this size in Dealz for €1.49! The idea behind this is that it has been a firm favourite of Hollywood stars and makeup artists since the 1950s. I’ll give it a go for sure, but this is not something that belongs in a beauty box that prides itself on ‘sending you the newest and most exciting beauty miniatures on the market as well as keep you up to date with trends in beauty, fashion and lifestyle’ I’d prefer something a bit more exciting than a tub of cream that is likely to be in pride of place on my 90 year old neighbours bathroom shelf.

Another item included in the box was the Nougat London Nurturing Hand Cream. It sounds silly but the fact that this came packaged in a lovely box made it seem more luxurious to me! The packaging is really nice, and the light cream is beautifully scented of fig and pink cedar, and it absorbs really quickly, sinking in to leave my hands really soft and smooth. This is going straight into my handbag as an essential for my chronically dry hands. Definitely the highlight of the box for me!

Finally came the IDC Institute Scented Garden Country Rose Shower Gel. This is a nice 100ml bottle which will be good for travel. The packaging and the scent are a bit granny-ish for my tastes but I’ll use it all the same.

Overall I’m a bit on the fence about this month’s box. I love the beautiful design of the box itself, and the hand cream and lip crayon are definite highlights. I can see why there were a lot of negative reviews online though. Most Glossybox subscribers are beauty junkies, and what beauty junkie doesn’t already have an army of black eyeliners in their collection? The astral just seemed to cheapen the whole box for me and the shower gel was just a bit ‘meh’ for my tastes. It’s a pity that there were only 2 full size items in the box, both of which were pencils. The value of this box is somewhere in the region of €35 to €40 which is pretty good seeing as the box is around €15 monthly. Hopefully next month’s offering is a bit more exciting, they didn’t include a spoiler this month which I actually prefer, as it would be nice to be completely surprised when next month’s box drops through my letter box!

Let me know what you think in the comments below! You can also check out my thoughts on last month’s Glossybox here!

If you’re interested in signing up for Glossybox you can do so by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Glossybox UK April 2015- ‘Iconic Hollywood Edition’

  1. lucieleannexo says:

    Your reviews are so in depth, I love it! I’m thinking about getting a beauty box next month but torn between glossy box and birch box. Do you think glossy box is worth it? I’m just a bit unsure as I’m not the most adventurous person with beauty products! xo

    • Janice says:

      Thanks 😊 I’ve been subscribed to Glossybox for 4 months and this is the only box I wasn’t mad about. I think it’s definitely worth a try, a nice treat for yourself! I don’t know much about Birchbox though xx

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