Speed Reviews- Soap & Glory skincare


I’m a huge Soap & Glory fan, I have a massive amount of their products in my collection, but their skincare is something that I haven’t experimented with much. Recently I’ve tried two of their much hyped products, and here’s what I thought….

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean 3-in-1 Wash-off Deep Purifying Cleanser

The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was the amazing peach scent, it seriously tastes good enough to eat! It’s a beautiful cream cleanser with a really light consistency. I apply 2 pumps to dry skin and massage in, then rinse off using a hot face cloth and it removes every last scrap of makeup. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth which is great. I remove eye makeup separately as I did find that this stung my eyes, but it does say avoid contact with eyes on the bottle so that’s my own fault! I love the pump applicator and clear packaging, its great to see how much product you have left. This cost me €8 for a 200ml bottle from boots, I’ve seen on Facebook that Soap & Glory are changing the packaging and size of this product to a larger 350ml bottle for the same price which is great. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re in the market for a new cleanser.

Soap and Glory Off Your Face Wipes

The first thing that drew me to Soap & Glory was their tongue in cheek product names and cute packaging. These wipes are no exception, the name and packaging are fantastic. These wipes have a minty fresh scent, and are slightly textured so they remove makeup well. They are a drier formulation than some other wipes I’ve tried, but they remove all traces of makeup well and leave my skin feeling refreshed. I’m not sure if they would be suitable for the most sensitive skin types due to their fragrance and texture though. I use these for a quick pre cleanse to remove makeup before washing my face or occasionally when I’m too lazy to stand at the sink and the only option is to remove makeup from the comfort of my bed! These wipes are €5.99 for a pack of 25, which is a tad pricey so worth stocking up when they’re on offer.

So there you have it, a quick look at some great products. I’m definitely interested in trying out some more Soap & Glory skin care, have you guys got any recommendations?

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