Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser Review


Oh Liz Earle how I love thee. Seriously, I’m borderline obsessed with the brand, and have yet to try a skin care or makeup item from them that I do not like. The Liz Earle Superskin Moisturiser is an exceptionally amazing product. Now I’ll admit, moisturiser was never something that excited me too much, it was last in my list of favourite skin care items, and I always just slapped on any old product and assumed it’d do the job. My boyfriend bought me this little pot of wonder as part of a Christmas gift and it was love at first sight! Well truthfully it was love at first sniff (am I the only one that opens a brand new product and immediately sniffs it no matter what it is?) This has a beautiful neroli scent that is so soothing and calming when I slather this on post cleanse each evening. It also comes in fragrance free for the most sensitive of skin types.

I love the packaging and the cream is wonderfully light in texture, which is not what I expected as this is targeted at very dry and mature skin. I imagined it would be a very thick heavy product, so I was pleasantly surprised with its light as air formula that absorbs instantly. It feels very hydrating and nourishing on the skin, leaving my face feeling soft and plumped up. I have combination/oily skin so I actually feared that this would break me out but it ended up really helping to balance out my oily areas and keep me blemish free. I started using this in winter when my skin was extremely dehydrated and dry from the baltic weather conditions, and I immediately noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin. In a matter of days the dry patches had disappeared and my skin looked healthier than it had been in months. Mix it with the Superskin Concentrate and you have a match made in heaven for drier skins.

So the only slight negatives to add to this rather glowing review are that this product doesn’t contain any SPF so you will have to add a separate sun protection to keep your skin safe. And then the big one- the price. It retails for a rather spendy €46.50 for a 50ml tub however the pot lasts a really long time, I’ve been using mine almost 5 months and its still going strong. I see skin care as an investment, after all, you’re stuck with your skin for your entire life so you may as well take care of it eh?

Liz Earle is available from Boots and the Liz Earle online store.

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