The Foundation Files- Maybelline Better Skin Foundation Review


As I’ve mentioned before, due to my somewhat problematic skin, I’m forever searching for the perfect foundation to make my face look flawless. While on an all too regular makeup shopping trip I stumbled across the Maybelline Better Skin Foundation. With it’s promise of full coverage and claims that regular use will improve skin condition, I snapped it up faster than you can say ‘I need to cover my hormonal breakouts ASAP’. I was immediately drawn to the great price (boots.ieΒ has it listed for €13.79 but I picked it up on offer in my local pharmacy for around €8) and the glass bottle with pump applicator. I chose the shade 010 Ivory which was the palest offering on shelf that day, it runs a tad dark for me, but when I blend it down the neck its not too bad. It has a slightly thicker formula than other foundations I’ve tried, but despite this it blends well onto skin with the help of a buffing brush. One pump gives medium to full coverage, I just need to add a little more to problem areas if I’m having a particularly bad skin day, otherwise I’m good to go. I was expecting a matte finish but it actually left my skin with a beautiful satin finish which looked really natural and not the mask-like full coverage face that I feared would occur. As usual, I applied primer, powder and setting spray, and this winning combination meant the foundation lasted 12 hours before I removed it, and even then it looked as it had when I first applied it, fresh, even and smooth with no cracks, caking or oiliness (even though I had a 2 hour hangover induced nap while wearing it that afternoon!) This foundation feels very comfortable to wear, which is a bonus as many full coverage offerings feel heavy on the skin. I can’t comment on the claims that it improves skin as I havent been wearing it every day, but I think this is a great option for ladies with problematic or oily//combination skin. As it has SPF 20 it’ll be good for daytime wear, but will cause flashback if used with flash photography, so not the best option for nights out. I’d definitely recommend heading to your nearest Maybelline stockist and checking this out!

Have you tried it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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