Glossybox UK May 2015 ‘Summer’s Calling’


It’s my favourite time of the month! I’m like a kid excited for Christmas each month when I receive my Glossybox despatch email, and find myself constantly texting my sister to see if the postman has been before racing home once the ‘Yes, it came’ text arrives. After last month’s somewhat disappointing edit, I was eager to see how this month’s box would fare. Lets take a look shall we….?

This month we’re back to the regular pink and black packaging that we all know and love. Inside are 5 items, 3 of which are billed as full size, and a sneak peek into next month’s box. This month has a nice mix of hair care, makeup and body care which I always like to see, as its great to try a bit of everything.

First up is the Sass Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate. I immediately noticed this as soon as I unwrapped my box. Its beautifully packaged in a little box and the pump bottle itself is beautiful. This is a light freshly scented serum for use on your erm…intimate areas post hair removal. Admittedly I’m looking forward to trying it out, although I don’t usually suffer from ingrown hairs in that area (TMI?) but I assume it’ll work just as well on the legs. This definitely fits in with the Summer’s Calling theme for bikini wearers anyway. This is a deluxe sample size 30ml, and the full size is €7.29 from Boots.

The next item I spotted is the Etre Bella Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel. Now to be honest I was like what the? A bloody Aloe Vera gel, that I could probably spend €2 in Superdrug for a much larger version of? Now after doing some research I see that this is a full size item (40ml for €21.90 on their website– you’d wanna be off your head!) I guess it fits in nicely with the summer theme, as it’s a cooling moisturiser to revive the skin, and I’m sure I’ll pop this in my suitcase when I head to Spain in August, but to be honest I’d expected something better from Glossybox, especially after last month’s cheap as chips tub of Astral. 


The next item was one that definitely intrigued me. The Zerreau Beauty Towel Off Shampoo Foam is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A dry shampoo of sorts, this is a lovely apple scented foam that you are meant to massage directly into hair and then towel dry off without rinsing to remove oil and grease. I can’t wait to try this out, and I think it’d be great if you’re going to festivals or camping. An online search tells me there aren’t many stockists although it is available on Amazon. This is a 70ml deluxe travel size.

Next up are the makeup items. Firstly we have the Me Me Me Enchanted Eyes Dual Ended Wand. Now honestly, I don’t know what way to feel about this one. Like, its 2 blue eyeliners, which I know is supposedly the on trend colour this season, but I’m not sure if it’ll suit my dark brown eyes? While I’m grateful for something other than a brown or black liner, upon swatching I found the colours to be a bit garish and quite frosty. And I received a Me Me Me liner in the January Glossybox, which didnt have the best lasting power, so I don’t have the highest expectations for this one. Can’t find this one on the Me Me Me website, but I did spot it online retailing at €9.20.

Finally we have the Collection Cosmetics Field Day Lipstick. I think Collection are a great affordable brand, so I was pleased to see this lipstick included in this month’s edit. Not mad on the white packaging, but its whats inside that counts right? Sadly I got the shade ‘Pink Rose’ which is a terrible tacky pale pink shade that I can’t ever see myself wearing. The photo below doesn’t really show it in its true pale pink barbie style glory sadly. I saw online that some people got lovely coral shades, so I’m disappointed that I didn’t get one of them, but you win some you lose some I guess.


Overall, I’m on the fence again this month. I think Glossybox did a good job of sticking to the Summer’s Coming theme, and I’m pretty pleased with the ingrown hair treatment and no rinse shampoo, the aloe vera will do well for an after sun treatment, but just doesn’t feel like it belongs in a luxury products box (despite the absolutely ridiculous price for a tiny 40ml!) The 2 makeup offerings are decent, but unfortunately not in shades that will suit my skin tone. This box is valued at around €55 which is well above the €15 cost price!

A look forward to next month gives a sneak peek of some Flash Temporary Tattoos– ‘perfect for Glastonbury or pool parties’. Now I feel like I’m being a bit negative in this post in general, but stick on tattoos just feel a bit childish to me, and I’ve seen this type of thing in Penneys for €1.50 so I’m not exactly thrilled with their inclusion, but I’ll keep an open mind until I get my hands on them next month- you never know, I could be sporting head to toe temporary tatts for the rest of the summer!

Most of the buzz online seems to be generally very positive about this box so tell me- what did you guys get in your Glossybox this month? Let me know in the comments!

If you are interested in signing up for a Glossybox subscription or finding out more about the service, check it out here.

14 thoughts on “Glossybox UK May 2015 ‘Summer’s Calling’

  1. Keely says:

    I got the essence mascara and I LOVE it! I was really disappointed however, that I didn’t get the May box described in my subscription addiction blog. I really wanted to try glam glow 😦

  2. Becca-Louise says:

    Wow, that pink. Not for me either, I definitely agree about the box being varied its nice to try different products, skin, make up, body etc. But like I mentioned in my post, I love the element of surprise but you may not like some of the products or just not need/want them. This was my first month and Im not overly excited about next months stick on tattoos! A tad disappointing!

    • Just My Look says:

      Yeah I just think the tattoos are a bit of a dud, but alot of ppl online seem to be excited for them so I guess they’ll appeal to alot of people. As much as Glossybox disappoints me sometimes, I still love the whole surprise element every month!

      • Becca-Louise says:

        Yeah I completely agree, they do have sort of a childish element to them and I am not a fan but they are to other people, yes I do like surprises!

  3. Sacha White says:

    I got that pink shade lipstick too… Does not look great on me! I may steer clear of the blue eye shadow too. Blue is meant to look good on dark brown eyes but I’m not so sure. Fingers crossed next months is a bit better!

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