Soap & Glory Heel Genius Review


Foot cream… hardly the most glamorous of beauty products, but for many, its an absolute essential. With summer coming, and the thoughts of strollingΒ around in my lovely new sandals and flip flops on my mind, I knew I had to pick up something to help soften my rather crusty heels (lovely mental image right there). Rather than heading to the chemist to grab something from an obvious brand like Scholl, I of course headed to Boots to my favourite stand, and picked up the Heel Genius by Soap & Glory.

This green cream is beautifully light and fresh and minty scented (perfect if you have particularly rotten stinky feet). The light formula absorbs easily and is non sticky, just nice and cooling and fresh on the skin. My preferred method of application is slathering this lotion all over my tired tootsies before bedtime, and popping a pair of cotton socks on- leaving this miracle product to do its magic overnight. In the morning I whip off my socks and sit on the edge of my bed (for longer than I should admit to) stroking my feet and marvelling at how fantastically smooth and soft theyΒ feel. With regular use my dry and cracked heels are now a thing of the past, and I have lovely soft feet that could rival even the most daintiest princess tootsies (I’m thinking Cinderella and her lovely glass slippers here).

If you want to get your feet in tip top shape for summer, and fancy picking up a prettily packaged product that does a great job, then I recommend heading over to Boots and picking this up, with change from a tenner, you can’t go wrong!

Have you guys tried this? What are your favourite Soap & Glory products?

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