May 2015 Favourites- Beauty & Random!


How fast did the month of May fly by? It feels like only a minute ago we were enjoying the May Bank Holiday weekend, then we blinked and all of a sudden here we are embarking on the June Bank Holiday! I’m happy to be saying hello to summer (not that we get much of a summer in Ireland!) and new fashion and beauty for the new season. Here are some of my recent discoveries that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with…..


Vaseline Lip Therapy ‘Rosy Lips’-

I stumbled across this in Duane Reade when I was in America and I’m not gonna lie- I only bought it because the teeny tiny packaging was too cute to leave behind. Seriously, who doesn’t love a mini tub of Vaseline? This is the Rosy Pink version, which is lightly scented and has a sheer pink tint to it. Obviously, everyone has tried Vaseline on the lips so its the same familiar consistency, but I love having this in my pocket or handbag for a nice pink tint when I’m out and about. Let’s not lie- I just love whipping it out and showing it off so people can say ‘oooh look its so tiny’ to which I reply ‘I got it in America’ as if I’m the only person in Ireland who owns it. Yup, I’m strange.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara-

This travel size mascara is from my Naked On The Run Kit, oh my how I love it. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much but I was blown away upon first use of this product. It applies evenly, never clumps, it defines and separates the lashes while also lengthening and adding volume. Yup, it does it all! I absolutely love the brush wand (I don’t often get on well with those plastic applicators that seem to be popping up everywhere now) and the sleek packaging is gorgeous. The great thing about this mascara is that it doesn’t flake or smudge and still looks the same as when I first applied it by the end of the day. Overall, this is the perfect mascara. Go out and buy it now, you won’t regret it!


Loreal Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray-

Another one of the bits I picked up in America that isn’t available here (okay I’ll stop now!). It cost $18 so for ‘drugstore’ it wasn’t exactly cheap, but I wanted to try it as an alternative to my beloved ‘Urban Decay De-Slick Spray’. I have to admit, it took me a while to grow to love it, but now I’ve fallen deep. A couple of spritzes of this over my finished makeup really does extend the freshness and wear time, and thankfully it doesn’t leave the face feeling sticky like some others that I’ve tried. I do feel that I have to use a few more sprays of this than my Urban Decay spray, but this is perfect for everyday use, and I save the Urban Decay one for special occasions. I really hope that more affordable brands bring out setting sprays, as I can’t live without them! If you know of any more I should try let me know in the comments below!


Carex Complete ‘Cola Bottles’ Handwash-

Ahh a sweetie themed handwash, you all know I’m a big fan (I’ve previously declared my love for the Strawberry Laces version here.) This is no exception, for about €1.20 from Superdrug you too can experience the amazingness that is cola bottle flavoured hands. I literally cannot stop sniffing my hands after I’ve used this, and its not just me, recently my friend came running from our bathroom asking her boyfriend to ‘quick smell my hands’ much to his horror and my amusement. This stuff really brings out the big kid in me, and is a fun little addition to any bathroom.

20150524_154554Yankee Candle ‘Pink Dragonfruit’-

This smells fantastic, a wonderful fruity juicy scent. The scent fills the whole room almost instantly and lingers long after I blow it out. It’s a gorgeous sweet syrupy fragrance which I adore, and the little pink jar looks so cute on my mantlepiece. I have more candles than I care to admit to in my house, but this one is the one I keep going back to again and again. I picked it up in Homestore & More, but I’m sure it’s in most Yankee stockists, so give it a sniff the next time you’re at a stand and see for yourself how fabulous it is!


Stellar Magazine-

I’ve been a reader of Stellar for a pretty long time, but recently I’ve found it to be better than ever. Kirstie McDermott (former contributor and the lady behind Frillseeker) has recently taken over as Editor, and given the magazine a bit of a makeover. I love how easy it is to read, and how the articles touch on topics that are relevant to Irish women today, such as contraception, mental health and workplace issues alongside beauty, fashion and celebrity interviews. I definitely recommend that you pick it up and have a flick through it the next time you’re in your local newsagent, its decently priced at €1.95 (a lot cheaper than the british glossies that are mostly filled with advertisements). I’ve recently bought a year long subscription, for only €23 for my favourite mag to be delivered to my door, I’m happy as Larry. Whoever he is….

So there’s some of my favourite bits and pieces from the month of May. What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “May 2015 Favourites- Beauty & Random!

  1. NotQuiteLondon says:

    Love yankee candles and that one is such a yummy one lol. Try red raspberry. …you will love it x

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