Yankee Candle Haul

I’m a self confessed candle fiend. I have a cupboard in my kitchen that currently houses approximately 16 or 17 brand new candles of different varieties. From Christmas fragrances to every version of Vanilla imagineable, they’re all in there. So on a recent trip to Homestore & More for a mop and a bucket, I came out armed with this lot…


Yankee Candle ‘Large Jar’ Vanilla Cupcake

This is my ultimate favourite Yankee scent. I’ve bought countless jars of this over the past few years, and even had the air freshner in my car at one point! The scent of this is so sweet and tasty, it really has a good throw of fragrance that completely fills the room when it’s lit, and people have entered my house before asking if I’ve been baking- the scent is that good! I find this is great placed in the kitchen to get rid of the cooking smells that linger after mealtimes. This large jar was on offer for €16.99, and I know it’ll last me for ages so I’m pretty pleased with it!


Yankee Candle Nine Wax Melt Heart Shaped Gift Set 

Next I spotted some different gift sets on offer 2 for €15. Although there were a couple of different options I picked up these sets of 9 wax tarts in a variety of ‘Springtime’ fragrances. I’ve wanted a wax burner for a while, mainly to scrape the old wax out of other used up candles to get ultimate use from them. I’m not even sure if these worked out as great value as I see online most places are selling the indivudal tarts for €1.50 each so these might not have been that good a deal after all.


 Yankee Candle Pink Hearts Ceramic Melt Warmer

So obviously I  had to pick up a wax burner to go with the ton of melts I bought. Now they had tons of options in store, even some on offer for €5, but I was drawn to this pretty Yankee one, which cost €12.99 (I thought it was €8 until I checked the receipt hours later…whoopsie) I tried it immediately when I got home with some leftover wax from my Pink Dragonfruit candle (I mentioned it in my May Favourites) and boy oh boy was it fantastic. I just popped a little tealight in the bottom bit there and it melted the huge lump of wax quickly and the scent wafted around my whole house so quickly. The scent is much more intense than just burning a regular scented candle, so I definitely recommend checking out something like this if you like a fragrant home!



Finally, I picked up this acrylic lipstick holder for €1.99. I already have a couple of these on my dressing table and they’re really great. They store 9 lipsticks and make it really easy to see what you have in your collection, it definitely helps me use more of my makeup than when I previously had them stored in drawers.

So that’s it, my little haul. I walked out €47 down and forgot all about the mop and bucket I originally went in for…. oops!

Do you guys like Yankee candles? If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Haul

  1. donniesapphy says:

    Awesome! The Vanilla Cupcake is my favorite. I had to buy another one since the one I recieved at a fundraiser was small. Great Haul! ❤

  2. stefsandy says:

    I love yankee candles, they make a room smell so good within seconds! I’ve tagged you in the love and hate tag over on my blog so please check it out! Xxx

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