Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review


I’ve always had an eyebrow plucking obsession. When I’m bored or stressed, I often absent-mindedly sit pulling random hairs out of my brows until I realise what I’m doing, look in the mirror to find bald patches galore, and subsequently hate myself for doing it. If I could give my teenage self any advice it would be to leave your eyebrows alone,Β they looked pretty great. Instead I plucked and plucked until I was left with those dreadful thin brows that just never suited me. As a result, now aged 27, I still have pretty desperately sparse brows.

Since discovering makeup, I’ve been on the hunt for a decent brow product to work a little magic for me, and I think I’ve finally found it in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. Prior to buying this, I was using brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows, occasionally I dabbled with eyebrow pencils, but nothing blew me out of the water. When I visited Sephora in New York, I had to see what all the fuss was about Anastasia Beverly Hills. I initially checked out the Brow Wiz pencil, but to be honest, it was nothing special to me. I then swatched the Dipbrow Pomade on my hand, and got caught up looking at the contour kits, forgetting all about it. Fast forward 10 hours of trekking through Manhattan in the wind and rain, after numerous hand washes, I was amazed to see the dark brown swatch of pomade had yet to budge even a teeny bit. With that I hot footed it back to Sephora to snap up a pot for myself in the shade Medium Brown, and the rest is history.

This stuff is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It’s a creamy formula that doesn’t feel too heavy or waxy on the skin. I apply it using a stiff angled brow brush, and using light strokes I fill in my brows, then comb through with a spooly brush and I’m set for the day! It takes a bit of practice, and it’s really important to remember not to be too heavy handed, pick up a teeny bit of product, a little goes a really long way. Seriously, I got this 4 months ago, and the little glass jar is still 95% full, so I can see this lasting forever! The best part about this stuff is that it literally lasts all day; it will not budge until you remove it yourself, its heat proof, sweat proof, water proof, so your brows will remain on fleek, through all conditions.

Unfortunately, Anastasia Beverly Hills is not that easy to get your hands on if you live in Ireland. However Beauty Bay stocks it for a reasonable price of €18.20 for a decent sized 51g jar. I definitely recommend you check this out if you have sparse brows like me, or lets face it, if you’re just a makeup junkie looking to add to your collection. This is something that once you try it, you’ll never live without it again!

Have you tried the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade? What are your favourite brow products? Let me know in the comments below!

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