Beauty Brands That I Wish Would Come To Ireland!


We’ve all been there, sitting at your laptop watching American YouTubers gushing about the latest product from Milani or Covergirl, and feeling sad that we won’t be able to get our hands on it without a return plane ticket to the USA. Now I know that the world is a smaller place now that online shopping is commonplace, and we can basicallyΒ buy anything from anywhere in the world. But we all know that shipping can be crazy from other countries, some items such as perfume and nail polish cannot be sent by airmail, and lets face it, wouldn’t it be great to just be able to go into the shop and look at, feel and smell the product we wanna buy, rather than reading online reviews and studying photos.

I’ve been to America twice in the past year, both times falling in love with so many brands that aren’t available here, and stocking up on a huge amount of items to bring home with me. On my first visit, I stocked up on tons of NYX, Wet n Wild & Physician’s Formula. Luckily, since then, all of these brands have come to Irish stores, and overall, the prices have been reasonable. We’ve always been lucky in Ireland that we’ve had easy access to Essence & Catrice, when they weren’t always so readily available in the UK. And I remember drooling over Sleek palettes on UK blogs long before they came to Ireland, and stocking up on tons of Sleek items each time I visited the UK.


I think all Irish and UK beauty addicts dream of Sephora hitting our shores. The sheer excitement that builds inside me when I visit a Sephora store cannot be matched by any other. Although there are plenty of Sephora stores throughout Europe, there is something about visiting an American Sephora that makes me feel extra tingly inside. I love how the US stores do the Sephora Favourites sets (something I haven’t seen in the French or Spanish locations I’ve visited) where they put minis of different brands into a themed set for example ‘best of lipsticks’, or ‘summer essentials’, so you can try little travel sizes of items you may feel reluctant to buy the full sizes of. The Sephora brand of makeup is also really good, with their matte lip creams being particularly popular amongst bloggers, and I’ve enjoyed some of their bronzers in the past.


Some other brands that are available in Sephora that we can’t get our hands on here are Marc Jacobs beauty (the Lolita eyeshadow palette is on my wishlist) and Anastasia Beverly Hills (I know they’re available on Cult Beauty but lets look past this!). I have the DipBrow Pomade and Contour Palette from Anastasia, and love both, I’d love to see them land on Irish stores so I could try even more from the brand!


Tarte is also another US brand I’d love to see come here, I know they’re available through QVC in the UK- but I wanna see a physical stand in a department store so I can swatch all of the Amazonian Clay Blushes myself and then collect every shade possible!


Along with Kat Von D, Becca, Bite Beauty and Elizabeth & James (I’ve fallen in love with their Nirvana White Perfume and need a new bottle ASAP!) I’d love to see LORAC come to our shores. The Pro Palette has been on my wishlist for so long, and each Lorac stand that I visited in the USA was sold out when I got there, I need it in my life!!


Bath & Body Works is another great store in America for beauty junkies. I picked up some fantastic candles on my last trip to New York, and their fragrances and body products are amazing quality. Think of The Body Shop, but on a much larger scale, with a huge selection of candles and room sprays… oh how I wanna go back again!


The American drugstore is heaven for beauty junkies too. With brands like LA Girl (their Pro Concealer is the best I’ve ever used!) and Jordana, their Maybelline & L’oreal stands are almost twice the size of the stands we have in Boots here, with a far bigger range of products, shades and colours than we can ever dream of in Irish stores. Sonya Kashuk does some amazing brushes that I need in my life, and Covergirl does the most amazing mascaras ever that I need to try more of! My absolute favourite US makeup brand is Milani, they do the most amazing blush and bronzers, and their lipsticks are second to none. My number 1 wish is for Milani to arrive in Irish stores *please makeup gods grant my wish!*

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Its not only American brands that I feel I’m missing out on. I’m a huge Glossybox fan, and love having my box of surprises delivered every month, and in my opinion Ireland is massively lacking in subscription services. Each month I’m insanely jealous of British bloggers talking about Birchbox and My Little Box, which aren’t availabe to me here. My Little Box is one I’m especially jealous of, with its cute mixture of stationary, jewellery and makeup items- I need it in my life, but sadly, despite several emails to the company, they seem to have no plans to launch in Ireland!

Oh how I wish all these brands and stores were available in Ireland. The only thing that I would consider is, if they came to our shores- would they lose the appeal? Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister came to Ireland recently, and they lost the appeal to me, due to the insane prices and the novelty factor was gone when everyone was parading around in the clothes. However, Forever 21 came to Ireland, and kept its low prices and great selection, so it appeals to me greatly and I find it one of my favourite places to shop. So basically, I want all these brands and stores to launch in Ireland, keeping low prices, and bringing the great range of products and services they have overseas with them- not asking for much am I?

Are there any brands from other countries that you wish you could get your hands on more easily? Let me know inn the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Beauty Brands That I Wish Would Come To Ireland!

  1. emmalovesbeautyx says:

    I would die if sephora ever opened in Ireland πŸ™‰ my bank account would definitely suffer πŸ™Š x

      • emmalovesbeautyx says:

        Omg I no I’m the same!! I don’t think I’ve ever gone into boots and come out with only what I went in for πŸ™ˆ I think it’s people like us that keep boots in business lol πŸ˜‚ x

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