Summer Holiday Clothing Haul- Penneys (Primark) & River Island!

I feel like my summer holiday will never come. I’m going to Spain on the 28th August, and it actually feels like it’s a million years away! As I usually go on a sun holiday every summer, I haven’t been too bothered with shopping for holiday clothes this year, lets face it, the weather is awful in Ireland all summer long, I haven’t even had a chance to pop on a vest and shorts yet, so the summer clothes stayed at the back of my wardrobe until I pulled them out last week to refresh my memory on what bits and bobs I owned. As I did a little stock take, I realised I could probably do with another bikini and a pair of shorts, as many of my other ones were fit for the bin. So when I popped into town last week, I was horrified to find most of the shops had already sold out of a lot of their summer stock, and the autumn stock is creeping in, yup I even spotted scarves in Penneys!

So luckily today while on a quick break from work, I managed to pick up a few bits and pieces to bring to Spain with me, I’m pretty happy with my little haul, lets take a look shall we?


First, I picked up these heels in Penneys, now I know, they’re going to divide opinion for sure! I popped a photo on my Instagram and it got a positive response so I went for it, so did my friend I was shopping with. I brought them home and my mam and sister were absolutely horrified so not everyone will love them! I really like them though, they’re really comfy and I think they’ll really jazz up a plain outfit, like a white top and skinny jeans. Now I just need a night out to wear them! These were €20 and part of the Limited Edition range.


Next up was my most wanted item, a bikini! Now Penneys have already sold out of a lot of their swimwear, but I spotted this cute 2 piece set and immediately fell in love. The bandeau top has such cute ruffles on it, and I love the floral design. I also like the cute side tie detail on the bottoms, although I went a size up as I felt they were a tad skimpy! The top was €7 and the bottoms were €5, so probably at the higher end of the scale for Penneys bikinis, but I love it!


Now if you know me well, you know I am Disney OBSESSED. So when I saw this top, I had to have it. It’s a cute sleeveless grey long tee, with reference to the song Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. I love the cute picture of Ariel and Flounder within the words, and it has those large cut out arm holes which will show the side of your bra. I plan on wearing this over my bikini, but you could pick up one of the lace or patterned bandeau bras that Penneys always has on sale and wear it underneath. This was reduced from €8 to €3.


I really needed new shorts, but couldn’t find any affordable ones that I liked anywhere. So I thought these blue and red floral ones, €5 in Penneys, would do the job. Paired with this white vest, €1.90, and a pair of flip-flops, they’ll be a cute comfortable outfit for walking to the beach or the shops.


Next I spotted this white vest with a cute zig zag design and thought it would look great over my bikini with shorts. Now its fairly transparent, so you’d definitely need to wear something under it, but for €4 I think it’s perfect to throw on over swimwear. Then I spotted a slightly different purple version for €2 on the sale rail, so I snapped that up too. I love the cute and cute detail on them, such great bargain beachwear!


Also on the sale rail I spotted this coral top reduced from €5 to €2. It has a cute little pocket detail and also features the cut out sleeves to show off your sides, so I think this will be super cute with a pair of denim shorts over my bikini.


The last thing I picked up in Penneys isn’t specifically for holidays, in fact I picked up this top to wear with skinny jeans and the ugly heels I mentioned above! I love how it’s just a plain cream coloured top from the front, but I love the beautiful gold zip detail down the back, I think it really adds to it, instantly making it appear more dressy. I’m dying to wear it, it was €13.


After I left Penneys I had a couple of minutes to pop into River Island. There wasn’t much left in the sale, but I spied these cute green floral shorts, which were reduced from €33 to €14. They’re a size too big, but they sit nicely on my hips, and the front is slightly baggier, almost like a draped skirt effect. I think these will be really cute with a nice top to wear in the evenings going out for dinner on holidays. I’d even wear them on a night out here with a blouse and heels.

So that’s all the bits I picked up on my little shopping spree today! Have you guys picked up anything nice in the sales? What do you think of the heels I bought (be honest!)? Let me know in the comments below!

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