Zoella Beauty Review- Fizz Bar, Blissful Mistful & Soak Opera!


Although I’ve only been blogging myself for a couple of months, I’ve been reading blogs for years, first discovering them back in 2010 when I was a student looking for something to distract me from doing any kind of college work. It was in the early days that I discovered Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella. I fell in love with her blog, where she wrote about fashion, beauty, accessories and general lifestyle chit-chat. It was much later that I found her YouTube channel, and sat binge watching her videos, loving her down to earth, fun personality. Zoe launched the Zoella Beauty line back in October 2014 (she has recently added a whole new range of products to the line featuring a brand new scent) but in Ireland, we are always slow to get these things on our shores, so it was much later that I discovered some of the items. Zoella Beauty is stocked in Superdrug stores (which are frustratingly hard to come by in Ireland) and now also in Penneys, which is where I picked these items up. You can also buy the products online at Feel Unique (though I find they’re a tad more expensive than Penneys) I picked up these products quite a while ago, so I’ve had plenty of time to try them out, lets see what I thought of them, shall we?


The first item that caught my eye was the Fizz Bar ‘Fragranced Bath Fizzer’ this cost €6 from Penneys.  Now before we get into this review, bear in mind the fact that I am a couple of years older than Zoe, and definitely a lot older than most of her fan base. At 27 years of age, these products definitely are not aimed at me, they will most likely appeal to teens and young women who are massive fans of Zoella, and probably quite new to beauty. 20150728_145257

So although I’m a bit of a granny compared to the rest of the Zoella fan base, I was instantly attracted to the Fizz Bar when I first saw it. I loved the idea of breaking off a couple of squares to pop in the bath, and lets face it, the packaging is so damn cute. It looks so like a chocolate bar, and the wrapping is a beautiful cream and red, with cute polka dots and some rose gold writing, all of which matches in with the font Zoe uses on her blog and YouTube channel, so it’s very cute and familiar for all her fans. I love all the little ‘Do Not Eat’ stickers all over the bar too!


I popped 2 squares of the Fizz Bar into my bath, under running water as directed, and watched them fizzle away quickly, melting into the bath as if they almost disappeared completely. Sadly, I found that they didn’t give off much fragrance, despite being so strongly scented when I first unwrapped them from the packaging. They didn’t add any colour or bubbles to the bath, just a light scent and a sort of cloudy residue to the water. There is 8 cubes in the bar, so you’d get 4 baths from this product. So while I wanted to absolutely love this product, I was a teeny bit disappointed. I don’t think I’d repurchase this product, but I do think it would be a cute gift for a little sister or teenage pal, as the novelty factor and packaging alone are super cute.


The next item I picked up was the Soak Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream, this was also €6 in Penneys. I just think the packaging is so cute on this product. The lace detail on the label is a really nice feminine touch, and again it sticks to the cream, red and rose gold theme with the same font as the other products. I like how this is a pretty decently sized 490ml bottle, which is pretty good value for €6. I first tried this in the bath when I was left a bit unimpressed with the Fizz Bar, so I added a large dose of this under running water, and it instantly added lots of bubbles and a nice dreamy scent to the bath. It also works really good as a shower gel, foaming up nicely when used on my sudsy puff, and leaves the skin feeling soft and the fragrance lightly lingers for a while afterwards. You only need to use a small amount when using it as a shower gel, so I can see this lasting quite a long time. Again, I think this would be a great gift for young girls starting out with beauty, as it feels like an indulgent treat, but is pretty affordable.


Next up I bought the Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist, which *I think* cost €9 for a 45ml bottle. I spritzed this on my wrist whilst walking around Penneys, and instantly loved it. As I walked around the shop I kept sniffing my skin, so I had to go back and pick it up. I love the bottle design, I’m glad she chose a glass bottle instead of a plastic one, as I think this will make it feel more luxurious for her fans, and young girls will love to display this on their bedside lockers. The bottle design itself is so cute, with rose gold writing, and a lovely polka dot design, it’s so cute and girly, it will really appeal to her target audience. It’s a good-sized bottle to pop in your handbag too, and it’s not too heavy. The fragrance itself is a light feminine scent, it’s really fresh and floral. It’s a little bit sweet, which I really love. It lasts for a couple of hours after application, it’s definitely not the most long-lasting of fragrances, but it is only described as a ‘body mist’ not a perfume. I like to carry it around in my bag and reapply every few hours. It’s really nice!


Finally, I almost forgot about this one, is the Zoella Beauty makeup bag! I picked this up after the products launched a couple of years ago, as I was in London shopping, and was picking up some of the bits from the range as a present for my sister (yet, I didn’t try out any of the range for myself until years later- D’oh!) I’ve seen this in Penneys too, along with the other bags in the range, and I think it’s around the €9 mark. I actually really like this makeup bag. I think the pink and cream polka dot design is gorgeous, and the little guinea pig is so cute. It’s also wipe clean which is great, because as we all know, cloth makeup bags are a disaster, with products leaking and staining, this one is great as a quick baby wipe will freshen it up straight away. I usually use this makeup bag if I’m travelling or going to visit relatives for the weekend, as it holds a pretty decent amount of makeup and is big enough for brushes to fit in comfortably too. It’s a definite winner for me.

So there you have it, my thoughts on the Zoella Beauty range. I’m really happy for Zoe and all she has achieved since starting out with her blog (does anyone else wish she’d post on it more often? She always did really good blog posts!). I think this range is really good for those starting out with beauty products, and is really affordable too. Originally there was a candle released with the line, but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere, so I’m assuming its been discontinued, which is a pity, as I’d have loved a candle with the same scent!

So although I’m probably far too old to be buying them, I’ve really enjoyed using these products, and will definitely look into buying her newer line of products!

Have you tried Zoella Beauty? What did you think of the range? Let me know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Zoella Beauty Review- Fizz Bar, Blissful Mistful & Soak Opera!

  1. sachini1981 says:

    Thank you for this review! I was thinking about buying the Fizz bar and now I may not.. Her products are quite expensive here so I might as well buy some Lush stuff..

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