Hitting Pan #3- The Almost Empties


Most people are somewhat sad when they ‘reach the silver bit’ on a makeup item, as it signals they’re coming to the end of a product, and will have to repurchase it again soon. For a beauty junkie like me, hitting pan gives me a bit of a thrill, the rush of finally getting close to finishing something, as I have such a vast collection of compacts, lotions and potions, it seriously takes me forever to get through things. I think when I hit pan on a product, it makes me realise ‘wow, I must have liked this product to use it that much’ as I chop and change between makeup items day-to-day.


I’ve mentioned the Bourjois Healthy Balance powder before. It’s such a beautiful finely milled powder, that feels so silky smooth on the skin. It keeps my makeup in place, and my skin stays shine free for hours when I’m wearing it. Even when I reapply it, it goes on so easily, doesn’t cake up or clog my skin, it just looks so fine and fresh. I love the sturdy compact with the mirror in the lid, its great to carry around in my handbag. Now that I’ve hit pan on it, I’m sure it will disappear as fast as lightning, so I’ll need to go out and grab a back up asap!


Next up is the GOSH blush powder in the shade ‘flower power’. I bought this a couple of years ago when I heard that Fleur De Force wore it on her wedding day. I’d also seen Tati from Glam Life Guru on YouTube talking about it, and whenever Tati recommends something, I know I need it in my life! I love the simple black compact packaging, and the clear lid means I can easily see the shade in my huge collection of blushes (currently at 57 and counting *gulp*) This is a beautiful matte dusty pink shade, that looks like a lovely natural flush on the skin. In terms of colour, its nothing groundbreaking, just a lovely medium pigmented pink, that works with every look, and feels silky smooth on the skin. It’s so easy to apply, just dab it on the cheeks and go, its great for when you’re in a rush in the morning and don’t wanna think about what makeup to wear. This compact has lasted me through the last couple of years of regular wear, and is really affordable too. You can buy it online here, and I’ve also spotted GOSH in many local pharmacies & Superdrug stores.


Smashbox is a brand I have so much love for. I’ve loved almost everything I’ve ever tried from the brand so far. I really loved this highlight, which is the Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Stardust. I picked up this up absolutely ages ago, I’m talking years back, in a gift set that was in the January sales at the time. It’s a really natural looking highlight, that is really easy to apply, it blends easily, it’s not too shimmery and is really long-lasting on the skin. You only need a tiny bit to add a beautiful sheen to the skin, so you can imagine how much I love this, that I’ve made that much of a dent in it- seriously, who ever finishes a highlighter? As far as I know, these highlighters retail for about €30 from Smashbox counters, although I can only find this on some American websites online, so it may not be available to the Irish market anymore, although Smashbox do some other great alternatives.


Swatches~ Top: GOSH Flower Power, Bottom: Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in Baked Stardust.

So there you have it, some of the products I’ve loved to the point of almost using them up! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Hitting Pan #3- The Almost Empties

  1. laineyloveslife says:

    it seriously takes me forever to get through things. I think when I hit pan on a product, it makes me realise ‘wow, I must have liked this product to use it that much’ – We’re the same!!! 🙂

  2. Omer Keks says:

    It s probably cuz I apply it with my beauty blender and that picks up a lot more powder than a brush. I also just noticed today that I ve made a deep dent in my hoola bronzer so pan will probably show up any day now.

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