Tanya Burr Lips & Nails Review!

Continuing on from my review the other day on the Zoella Beauty Line, I thought I’d stay with the theme of YouTuber’s products, and today I’m gonna talk about the Tanya Burr Lips & Nails collection. I discovered Tanya Burr after watching the Pixiwoo videos for a while (the pixiwoo sisters have a brother, Jim, also a YouTuber who Tanya is engaged to!) I loved her chatty tutorials and her bubbly fun personality. I’ve been watching her videos for a few years now, and I was delighted when she announced the launch of her own beauty line back in 2014. Since the original launch, Tanya has added tons of lip gloss and nail polish shades to the range, along with limited edition versions, and gift sets. She has also released a line of false eyelashes too, which have been hugely successful for her. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of her products in clearance sections in stores (I recently picked up a couple of shades reduced in TK Maxx) and massively discounted online. I don’t think they’re being discontinued altogether, from hints I’ve spotted on Tanya’s Instagram, I think she may be expanding the range and perhaps repackaging the existing products? I hope this is the case anyway, as I really love these products, and have plans to pick up a lot more! Lets take a look at the bits I own…


Firstly, I have two of the Tanya Burr nail polishes. I chose the beautiful pastel mint green colour called ‘Little Duck’ that is just beautiful on the nails. I apply 2 coats and it gives a totally opaque finish. It has a lovely glossy sheen, and lasts a couple of days before chipping. The lids may look quite big in the photo, but they pop off to house a much smaller lid, that is a lot easier to handle when actually painting your nails.

I also chose the gorgeous grey colour ‘Penguin Chic’. This is my favourite nail polish that I own! It’s aΒ really nice grey colour, that I love to wear in Autumn/Winter. It’s such a classic shade, that goes with so many outfits and looks really classy and chic. Again, it applies well after 2 coats and leaves a glossy finish. I really hope she never discontinues this nail polish because I use it so much, I’m not sure how I’d live without it!


My favourite releases from the Tanya Burr beauty collection are definitely the lip glosses. She has a ton of colours in the range, and I have 5 in my current collection (I also have my eye on the beautiful bright coral shade ‘I Found Nemo). These glosses are some of my favourites, and with a massive stash of lip gloss in my makeup storage, I find myself reaching for these most often. These glosses come in lovely sleek tubes, which are transparent so you can easily identify the shade, with a cute black label featuring Tanya’s signature, and a black lid.


I love the doe foot sponge applicator, which is the perfect shape to fit the lip, smoothly applying just the perfect amount of gloss with each application. The glosses smell lightly sweet, which I love, and really feel so smooth and glossy on the lips, but aren’t sticky in the slightest which is great. They’re really long-lasting and feel moisturising on the lips. There are a mixture of colours and sparkly versions in the collection, and I love all the shades I’ve tried, with my absolute favourite being ‘Picnic in the Park’ a beautiful natural pink that looks amazing with most makeup looks, and is a great everyday shade. I love the cute names that Tanya has given the shades too, it really lets her personality shine through. I love how affordable the items in her range are, with prices ranging from €6 to €8.

Here are some swatches of the lip glosses~


Swatches from Left to Right- Picnic in the Park, Chic, Exotic Island, Champagne Toast, Aurora.

Tanya Burr products are available from Cloud10 Beauty, Superdrug stores, Feel Unique & I’ve spotted them in TK Maxx stores.

I’m really happy for Tanya, and how successful she has become. Her range is absolutely amazing, and I hope she continues to expand it further. I’ve also read her book, so let me know if you’d like a review of that too. Have you tried anything from the Tanya Burr range? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments below!

UPDATE: After I scheduled this blogpost, I spotted a post on Tanya’s own blog detailing the launch of her new makeup collection. It remains to be seen whether this current range will be discontinued, or repackaged. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for further information and let you guys know. You can view the announcement on Tanya’s blog here.

13 thoughts on “Tanya Burr Lips & Nails Review!

  1. themalteserblog says:

    As they aren’t imported into Malta, whenever I go to London I always make sure to grab one of her nail polishes. But the annoying part is that they’re always out of stock 😦

  2. Bhavika says:

    The swatches makes me want to get all the glosses!
    & I really think she will discontinue some of the shades so I would say stock up on the ones you love now haha. I also think her new range looks amazing.

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