Tanya Burr ‘Love, Tanya’ Book Review


I’ve been a bit Youtuber crazy on here lately, with recent reviews on Zoella Beauty and Tanya Burr’s makeup range. So today I’m gonna carry on the trend and chat about Tanya Burr’s book, Love, Tanya.

If you’re not too familiar with the Beauty YouTube scene, Tanya Burr is a pretty famous beauty and lifestyle vlogger. She is engaged to Jim Chapman, another YouTuber, whose older sisters are none other than Pixiwoo, the girls behind the Real Techniques makeup brush range, and are pretty popular makeup artists who upload fantastic makeup tutorials. Tanya herself makes videos that range from makeup tutorials, product reviews, monthly favourites, daily vlogging and tons more. I find Tanya a really likeable girl, she seems so sweet and positive, and is always very open and honest with her viewers which is great.

So when I heard Tanya was releasing a book, I decided to pick it up and see what it was like. Now, at 27, I’m definitely way older than the target audience for this book, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it.


It’s not a straightforward autobiography nor is it a book all about YouTube or makeup. It has a great mix of topics, that covers a lot of subjects relevant to Tanya herself. It is a huge 300 page hardback book, full of really nice glossy photos and interesting content. It’s a really easy read, that will be appealing to most young girls. Some of my favourite chapters were the Growing Up ones, where Tanya talks openly about her childhood and how she met Jim, and how their relationship progressed. Always an interesting subject to read for someone as nosey as me!

20150801_123816At the end of every chapter Tanya includes her Top 10 lists on the various topics such as ‘Top 10 Childhood Memories’ and includes little Notes sections on different topics for readers to jot down their own thoughts. Not something I would particularly be interested in, but I can imagine teenagers or young girls really enjoying this.


Tanya also covers Skincare and Makeup Essentials which will be great for beginners or teenagers wanting to get to know all about makeup, but I also found it pretty interesting to read. Tanya also talks about Confidence and Happiness which again, I think are great topics for young girls to read about, and also if you’re interested, there’s a section all about YouTube.


My favourite chapter was the Baking & Recipes section, which features recipes for soups, salads, smoothies and lots of yummy sweet treats. My favourite to make was the milk and white chocolate cookies, which were so so tasty!

So if you’re a fan of Tanya or Youtubers in general, I think you’ll really enjoy this book. It’s such a nice easy read, and one you’ll pick up time and time again to flick through the various topics. If you have to buy a gift for a younger friend or family member, I think this would be a really good present for them.

I really enjoyed this book! Have you guys read it, what are your thoughts? Have you any recommendations of other Beauty or Blogger books I should read? Let me know in the comments below!

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