What I Got For My Birthday!

Last Friday I turned 28. Yup, I’m officially nearing the big 3-0 and its scaring the hell out of me!! I had a really lovely birthday, and my family, friends and boyfriend really spoiled me. I thought I’d do a post on what gifts I received, as I always love to read posts like this. You’ll definitely notice a recurring theme throughout all the items I got…

Lets take a look shall we?


Firstly, my boyfriend got me this lovely dress. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll have spotted this before in my Summer Wishlist post. It’s from Oliver Bonas. I initially spotted this on Victoria from In The Frow in one of her videos, and just fell in love with the beautiful print showing different landmarks from European cities. It has a cute cut out detail on the back, and just fits me so perfectly, it’s just the right length. I love the white and pastel colours too. I’m really pleased with it, and I can’t wait to wear it on my holiday in Spain next week.


Next up, he got me this lovely candle also from Oliver Bonas, which has my favourite scent- Elderflower. It smells amazing, and I love the sleek white glass jar it comes in. He also picked me up the Sprinkle Of Glitter book (he also spotted this in my summer wishlist post!) I’ve only read a few pages so far, but it’s a really nice book, I think I’m going to enjoy reading it.


He was also kind enough to pick me up some of my favourite goodies. If you live in Ireland, you’ll know that Tayto Chipsticks are amazing; they are my all time favourite crisps. I have such a sweet tooth, so I was thrilled to see my favourite chocolates Wispa & Tunnocks Tea Cakes too! He has also promised me he’ll buy me a new pair of trainers, I just need to head into Foot Locker and choose a pair.


My Auntie gave me a card with some money in it, which I was really grateful for. She also knows how much I love Elderflower, and got me this cute little candle, along with a little White Cotton scented jar too. And she got me some Disney socks, as we all know how much I love Minnie Mouse. My parents gave me this cute little ‘Best Daughter’ book, as well as a really nice cake and some money for my holidays which was really kind of them.

The girls in work took me out for a lovely lunch (and embarrassed me by bringing out a cake and having the waiters sing to me!) and they got me a ā‚¬25 voucher for our local shopping centre, The Pavilions in Swords, so I can’t wait to go and buy myself something nice (I’m thinking some more makeup!) My other Aunt gave me a card with some scratch cards and lotto tickets… because lets face it, in Ireland it wouldn’t be a birthday without scratch cards, I love them!


My little sister bought me this gorgeous Minnie Mouse top from Penneys. It’s such a nice colour which I think will be lovely in Autumn, and its a perfect long length so it’ll go with leggings or jeans. She also got me the new Cinderella DVD (another one who must have been reading my recent wishlists) which I was thrilled with, as its such a great film.


My other sister went all out and really spoiled me! We always go a little bit over the top for each others’ birthdays and Christmas, and this really was no exception. Firstly, how cute is the hat box that she popped all my gifts in? She picked it up in Dunnes Stores, and I think it’ll be gorgeous on display in my room.


She picked me up these lovely candles from Dunnes Stores (seeing a pattern here with candles? Everyone knows I love them!) and I just think they’re so cute and girly, I can’t wait to display them on a shelf in my room, I’ll probably be too scared to use them as I’ll wanna keep them nice and pretty for ages! Then she got me this lovely little sign for my beauty room, which is from the Gabriella (Velvet Ghost on YouTube) range for Penneys. It’s so nice, I can’t wait to hang it on my wall.


Then she got me this really nice grey sweater in Penneys. I love grey clothing (I’m so boring I know) and I loved the slogan on this, and the face that ‘chilling’ is highlighted in gold. The zip detail at the bottom is really nice too. It’s a really nice comfy fit, I love it!


Finally, she gave me these gorgeous Disney pyjamas. Well, they’re more like lounge wear, they’re made from sweatpants style material, and will be so comfy in the winter (see the other recurring theme, a lot of my gifts featured Disney!)

I love the print on the top, it’s so gorgeous. And I love how the bottoms have the drawstring at the waistband, and the beautiful design on both legs. I also love how they go in tight at the bottom, I much prefer this than open wide leg ones. I’m kinda looking forward to winter so I can start wearing these!

So, that’s everything I got for my birthday. All of these beautiful gifts along with the cards from everyone were such an amazing bonus to a great day. I went out to the cinema to see Trainwreck on the night of my birthday, and then for a meal the following night which was so tasty and featured ALOT of cocktails afterwards! All this fun made growing older a lot easier!

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