My Ban.Do Planner Review!


I love stationary. Like, seriously love it. When I was a kid my favourite thing about going back to school was buying new pens and pencils, cute binders and notebooks. Even now at the grand old age of 28, I still get a bit giddy over a nice notebook or diary.


Since I started blogging, I’d been meaning to pick up a nice diary to write down my plans for blogposts, and keep track of when to schedule which posts. Browsing through Instagram one day, I spotted the Ban.Do planners, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Now these babies are pricey, this set me back €27 (I know, I know!) but honestly, I think its worth every penny. It is a 17 month agenda, starting from August 2015, running through to December 2016.  It’s insanely cute and girly, I mean look at all the cute illustrations and the stickers! Any diary that has stickers is a winner in my book! I just love the white and gold cover, it’s so classy yet funky.

20150810_172845 20150810_172901

How cute is the little secret code bit? These secret codes are dotted throughout the journal, such a quirky little idea, and lets face it, something to relieve boredom when you’re meant to be working!

20150810_172854  20150810_172925

I love the illustrations at the start of every month’s section, November is a definite favourite! I may even tear some of the pages out when I’m done with this to stick on my wall, they’re so cool!

20150810_172933 20150810_172941

At the start of every month there are little notes sections, which I think is great, as it’s where I jot down ideas for monthly favourites, and other posts I plan on writing that month. I also love the monthly layout with the little squares, as I’ve been noting the days I plan on posting on the blog, plus popping in birthdays and deadlines, so I can see where they fit in during the month as a whole.

20150810_172947 20150810_173011

How cute are the coloured month tabs and the little notes dotted throughout the journal? Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a piece of stationary so much! What I forgot to photograph is the back cover, where there’s a neat little pink pocket to keep documents or secret notes in.

I picked my Ban.Do planner up on My Shining Armour, a great Irish website that offers free worldwide delivery! They also have a couple of other designs, and if you sign up their mailing list, they will you give you a code for 10% off!

What do you think of my planner? Do you also love stationary? Let me know in the comments below!

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I am away on holiday in Spain at the moment, so it make take me a while to respond to comments, as I’m unsure what internet availability I will have!

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