Reader Advice Needed- A Weekend In London- Can You Help Me Plan My Trip?!

Abbaye de westminster Big Ben London

At the end of this month, myself and my boyfriend will be travelling to London for a long weekend. The main purpose of our visit is for the Rugby World Cup, Ireland are playing Romania on the Sunday of our trip, so we have tickets to the match. Apart from the match and spending time absorbing the atmosphere with other rugby fans, we havent got much else planned for our trip, so I’m looking for advice and ideas on what to do in London!

We fly in on the Saturday, 7am in the morning, and don’t leave until quite late on the Monday evening, so we essentially have 3 full days to fill. Apart from the match, I’d like to do some sightseeing, a spot of shopping and have some nice meals out. I’ve been to London twice before, and really enjoyed myself, so this time I’d like to try some new things I haven’t done before.

On previous visits we have done walking tours, afternoon tea in Harrods, visited the Camden markets,went to the Ice Bar, spent time in Covent Garden, walked along the South Bank, and taken in Charlie & The Chocolate Factory on the West End.

This visit, we will be staying in Covent Garden, and will use the Tube to get around.

So I’m asking for advice, have any of you recently travelled to London and can you recommend things to do, places to see? Do any of you live in London and know of cool places to eat or bars to visit?Β 

I’d like to try some different markets than Camden, which would people recommend?

Is the London Eye worth doing?

What about the tour in Buckingham Palace?

Does anyone know of somewhere for a nice afternoon tea?

Is London Zoo any good?

Anything else that I might be missing?

If you have any recommendations or blogposts or links to travel sites, I would be so grateful if you could leave them in the comments below. I really want to have a trip jam packed with fun activities, so any advice is appreciated!

16 thoughts on “Reader Advice Needed- A Weekend In London- Can You Help Me Plan My Trip?!

  1. fabulousnerd says:

    i love borough market! i like to go them on weekend mornings for breakfast, random snacks or to buy some food home; they used to have a few very good brownie or cake shops. i haven’t been there in years though (used to live in london but i moved back a few years ago).

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