Payday Wishlist- Fashion, Beauty & Random!


I get paid monthly. Its something that I love, yet hate. I don’t think I would trust myself to save if I was paid weekly, yet getting your wages in a lump at the end of the month also leads to crazy splurging at the beginning, which ends with insane poverty towards the middle and end of the month. At the moment I’m 15 days away from Pay Day so now, at the halfway mark, I’m on the downward spiral to being penniless. So while I’m avoiding the shops until the 25th (hurry up already!!) I’ve compiled a list of some items that I’m gonna run straight out and buy as soon as the coins hit the bank!


Bag, Sweater & Hat from Penneys

First stop, as always, is Penneys (the Irish name for Primark). I spotted this gorgeous black bag on their Instagram page, and I absolutely love the strap detail and the little tassles, it’s not in stores yet, but hopefully when it comes in I can get my hands on it! Next up, while browsing the website, I spotted this cute Disney princess top, which I think will be so comfy to wear on lazy days. Finally, I love this knitted cream bobble hat for winter. And at only €4, I may even have the pennies to pick this up if I spot it pre pay-day!


Secret Paris: Colouring For Mindfulness

I really like the idea of adult colouring books, I think it sounds like a great way to be able to relax and switch off from the stresses of daily life. I was drawn to this colouring book in particular, because I love Paris and French themed things in general, but also, lots of the pages are filled with illustrations of clothing and makeup, which I think will be so much fun to colour in!


Benefit Cosmetics Rockateur Powder Blush

I love Benefit’s boxed blushes, every single one that I’ve tried has been amazing. This is the only one that I have yet to try, and I think it will just be such a beautiful rose gold shade, unlike any others that I have in my collection. I’ll probably pick this up on my way through duty-free when I travel to London, so I can get it a little bit cheaper.


Adidas Originals 3 Stripe Sweat Pants (ASOS)

Finally, it’s a bit of a throwback item, but I really want to get a pair of Adidas Originals track bottoms. I lived in these when I was a kid, and I’ve spotted lots of people wearing them recently. I’m not sure if these are the exact ones that I’ll buy, I need to have a look around the shops and try some on first, but hopefully I find the perfect fit for me!

What have you guys got on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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