Glossybox UK October 2015 ‘Autumn Spell’

God, this month’s Glossybox came around pretty quickly! It’s not even that long ago that I received my September box, but I won’t complain, as its so exciting to come home and find the postman has delivered a box full of beauty goodies! This month’s edit contains 5 full-sized items, and I was so excited to check them out. Luckily, I avoided spoilers online, so it was a real treat to unwrap all my goodies! Lets take a look inside shall we….


As you can see, there’s a really nice mix of skin care and makeup items within this month’s selection. All of the five items combined are meant to illuminate your complexion and treat your skin to the TLC it needs as cold days draw closer. Perfect for the Autumn season!


First up, is the item we got a spoiler for last month, the Talika Photo-Hydra Day face cream. This is billed as a deeply hydrating moisturiser, full of soothing and nourishing ingredients and hyaluronic acid which promise to leave your complexion hydrated and perfectly primed. The first thing I noticed is that the tube feels really light. Like, as if there’s not much product inside. However when I tested it out on the back of my hand I was pleasantly surprised to find its a really lightweight gel based moisturiser, that absorbs really quickly into the skin. It has a very light scent, nothing overwhelming at all, so it should be good for my sensitive skin. I’m really looking forward to trying this out.


The next item I pulled out of the box was the Lanolips 101 Ointment. How pretty is the packaging? I love it! At first I thought this was a lip balm, but on closer inspection I realised that it’s actually a multipurpose balm, similar to 8 hour cream. Its meant to work wonders on chapped lips, cuticles, dry skin patches, and dry nasal passages amongst other things. I have been seriously suffering with a terrible cold for the past 2 weeks, so this could be a saviour for my poor red and flaky nose. Heres hoping it works well!


Next up, is a brand we’ve received in Glossybox before, Jelly Pong Pong this is their Play Paint velvety lip/cheek cream. Again, I love the packaging on this one! I’ve seen some people got a Jelly Pong Pong mascara instead of this, but I’m pretty pleased that I received this in my box, as it’s an unusual item that I otherwise may not have discovered. It is an insanely pigmented cream that has such a sweet smell, I can’t wait to try it out. It dries to a smooth slightly powdery finish, and I think it’s a colour that will look great on both cheeks and lips. Check out the swatch below, which was from a teeny grain of rice sized drop. This tube should last me forever!


(Left Jelly Pong Pong Play Paint, Right- So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil)


Up next is the So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil. I was thrilled to see this, as my Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl pencil in Nude is just about to bite the dust. As you’ll see from the swatch above, this is a really nice peach-hued crayon that will be great for along the waterline to brighten my eyes, or in the inner corner or brow bone for highlight. It’s a really creamy and pigmented crayon, I’m looking forward to giving this a go.


Finally, a beauty tool that I’m dying to try out, the Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge. As you may have read here before, I love my Beauty Blender, so I’m looking forward to testing this one out, and seeing how it fares compared to the real deal. Its shaped differently than the original Beauty Blender, the dome shape is supposed to reach nooks arround the nose, and they recommend you apply foundation in a rolling motion to create a streak free finish. Sounds promising, I’ll test it out and report back for sure!

So that’s the October edit in full. Overall, I’m really pleased with the selection of products that I was sent. I can’t wait to try each one of them out, and I think they fit in really well with the autumnal theme. The total value of this box is around €85, which is amazing, as it only costs around €15 per month, so its worth almost 5 times what you pay for it. Bargain or what?

glossybox revlon

Looking forward to November, next month’s Glossybox is different to others I’ve received in the past. This time round, they’re letting you choose which shade of lipstick you would like to receive in your box! Yup, one of November’s goodies will be a Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, and subscribers are being given the choise between 4 fantastic shades. Personally, I like Pink In The Afternoon or Nude Attitude, but the Black Cherry and Fire & Ice shades will appeal to many, and are perfect colours for the winter party season. Any Revlon lip product that I’ve tried before has been really good, so I’m pretty exciting about receiving one of these lippies next month!


Finally, another little teaser leaflet came in this month’s box, and wow is this one gonna be a goodie… Yup, it’s the Glossybox for NARS!! It is a limited edition box, containing 5 of NARS most popular products in deluxe sample size. This one will be released in November and will set you back £30 (approx €40) and will definitely sell out fast. If you’re interested, you should hot foot it over to the Glossybox website, and add your name to the mailing list to be the first to find out when you can purchase this box full of fabulous products!

So it seems Glossybox can do no wrong lately, they’ve been knocking it out of the park the past few months, and it seems like there are more great things to come!

If you are interested in signing up to Glossybox you can do so here.

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