Penneys & Primark Haul :)

My favourite place in the world to shop is Penneys (the Irish name for Primark for anyone not from these shores) I just love their range of on trend, affordable clothes and accessories. I’ve recently gone on a few shopping sprees, in both Penneys in Dublin and Primark when I visited the UK (sometimes Primark carries lines that Penneys doesn’t have, and vice versa!) So I thought I’d share my purchases in a rather large haul post. Lets take a look at what I picked up…


First stop, Primark in London, where I picked up this gorgeous Cinderella top. I love the colour, a dark charcoal grey with fleks in it, it’s really good quality, and I obviously love the slogan! Then I also chose this grey mickey mouse top with the cute slogan on it. It’s slightly lighter fabric than the Cinderella one, but I love it just as much! These both cost £6, which is a great price for such cute t-shirts.


Then, my mam was in Newry doing some shopping and she picked me this cute Minnie Mouse top in Primark there, which was also £6. I love it, and think it will be so cute with jeans or black leggings! I can never have too much Disney in my life….


….which leads me onto the next purchase, Disney shoes! I fell in love with these Mickey & Minnie flats as soon as I set eyes on them, they’re kind of like the typical Van’s style of shoe, with quite a thick sole. They’re really comfy to wear, and were a bargain at €13! Along with all my other Disney purchases, I’ll have the perfect wardrobe for my Disneyland Paris trip 🙂


You may remember this one from a previous wish list, I had my eye on this hat for quite some time. So when I finally spotted it in store, I had to pick it up. I love wearing cream in winter to brighten up boring black outfits, and I love wearing hats! This will also be great for keeping my noggin warm on my Paris trip, and was a complete bargain at only €4.


Next, I spotted this double ended makeup brush for only €1.50, so into my basket it went! It’s from the P.S. Love range and its billed as a smokey eye brush, with a fat blending side, and a little angled end, for brows or eyeliner. I haven’t tried it yet, but even if its rubbish, it didn’t break the bank!


Apologies for the dreadful photo of this cape, I’ve added in a photo from Love Lauren, which I spotted on the Penneys Facebook page, which is where I got the inspiration for the outfit. I love capes and wraps, they’re perfect to throw on over an outfit for some warmth, and they look so cool and feel so snug, like wearing a blanket outside! It was only €13 which is great value. I think the khaki and black will be great for winter with black or dark denim too.


As I was inspired by Love Lauren in the photo, I also picked up this black belt to wear with the cape. As I want to wear it around the waist, I bought it in an XS so it would fit perfectly, and it does look really well as an outfit. This was only €2- complete bargain!


Next, I chose this cute black t-shirt, purely for the slogan! I’m someone who constantly complains about ugh, its monday, or yay its Friday (remember my other Friday top from Penneys?) so I thought this would be perfect to wear to work with jeans, converse and a grey zippy. Again, this was another great bargain at only €3! Seriously, Penneys can’t be beaten!


Next, as you may have guessed by now… I’m a complete Disney fanatic, so when I spotted these Disney Christmas decorations, I just had to pick them up! The pack of 2 with the Mickey & Minnie glitter faces are clear plastic baubles that are filled with little fake foam snowflakes inside, so obviously I had to pick up 2 sets of those for my tree. These were €2.50 per set. Then I also picked up the 4 pack of baubles which are in the shape of Mickey heads with different designs. These were €4 for the pack.


Finally, I chose this 6 pack of smaller baubles, which also come in little Mickey shaped ones, and also Minnie and the little Mickey gloves. Seriously, I can’t get over how great these were at €4. If I was to buy similar ones in the Disney store they would probably be three times the price, so this was a great find!

So there you have it, my Penneys/Primark haul! I picked up all these bits and bobs over the past couple of weeks, so alot of them will still be in stock at the moment! Have you been shopping in Penneys/Primark lately? What looks are you loving for winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Penneys & Primark Haul :)

  1. ayrgalaxy says:

    You seriously aren’t kidding when you say you love Disney! Lol. 🙂 by the way, I absolutely love the pack of 2 mouse heads 🙂 I love see-through ornaments like that! 🙂 you’re going to have fun decorating your tree! 🙂

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