Random Haul- Penneys (Primark), Tiger, Disney & More!

I’ve been doing a lot of hauls lately, do you ever get into a period of feeling spendy? Just wanting to go out and part with your hard-earned cash and buy all of the things?! Well, I’ve been in that state of mind lately, so here is a collection of all sorts of random junk that I’ve picked up this week!


Firstly, I chose this tumbler in Penneys. I’ve bought some of these in the past and they’re great for filling with ice and water to keep a cool drink beside you at all times. They’re insulated so they keep the drink ice cold for ages. I just loved the green and gold design, it’s so cute. It was €3.


As you will know by now, I’m off to Disneyland Paris, so I thought it would be a good idea to pick up a little portable luggage scales to weigh my bags before I go home. I have a feeling I’m going to buy a lot of Disney merchandise and other bits and bobs in Paris, so with only one 15kg bag between 2 of us, it might be pretty close to the weight limit. This only cost €3, and wont take up too much room in the bag!


I know what you’re thinking…Seriously, a silicone oven glove? Ok, why are you sharing this? Well, I spotted this on the sale rack for only €1, so I snapped it up, as I thought it would be great to use when washing my makeup brushes! It has little ridges and grooves on it, so I figured that when I lather up the bristles, I can give them a good scrub against the grooves to work the gunk out of them. A cheaper alternative to the infamous Sigma brush cleansing glove perhaps? If all else fails, at least it will save my hands from getting all dried out and sore as they often do after an intense brush washing session. That, or else I could use it as an actual oven mitt!


Next, I spotted this candle by the till, and casually strolled over and gave it a sniff. Well, it had the most intensely amazing orange soda scent, so I popped it in my basket immediately. Such a nice summer scent, completely inappropriate for the current winter season, but who cares? I lit it when I got home, and although the scent isn’t quite as strong while burning, it has a lovely light sweet fragrance which is perfect to leave burning all day, as it isn’t overpowering at all. I’ve been burning it all week, and its lasting really well, which is great!


Speaking of candles, I picked up this Yankee Candle Wick Trimmer in Home Store & More, for €5.99. I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these for ages, but couldn’t find them anywhere. I’ve read so many candle care guidelines that say you should keep your wick trimmed as short as possible to help the candle burn evenly, and prevent black smoke marks up the jar and on your walls. I’ve tried it already and its great, as when you snip the wick, the scissors bit is so wide, the trimmings fall onto a little ridge on the end instead of into the wax in the jar, so its easy to dispose of. I’m going to make sure to keep all my candle wicks trimmed as short as possible to enhance their lifetime.


Ok, it’s a tad early, but I just could not resist! I went into the Kilkenny Shop as soon as I saw their Christmas range was in store, and spotted this sign. If you live in Ireland, you may very well call Santa Claus ‘Santy’ like many Irish folk do. When I first met my boyfriend, we discussed it, and he called him Santa when I am firmly in the Santy camp. So as a little joke I picked up this sign to add to my Christmas decoration stash (along with all the bits I got in Penneys lately) This was €14.99, and available here


As you all know by now, I love Disney, and I collect Disney DVD & Blu Ray. So as part of the Disney Movie Rewards programme, I picked up this Cars DVD. Now, it’s not one of my most loved movies, but my points were about to expire, and I had to use them on something, so I chose this one as I already owned all the others. It’s great to add it to my collection. What is the Disney Movie Reward system I hear you ask? Basically, on each DVD/Blu Ray you buy, there is a leaflet with a code that gives a certain value of points. You enter it to the website and collect points until you have enough to claim movies, merchandise and more. I’ve done a full post here with all the information if you’d like to find out more.


On the way to the car park after a long day of shopping, I couldn’t resist going into Tiger. It’s such a great store full of such affordable accessories and knick knacks. The first thing I spotted was this cute cream ceramic owl. It’s a little tealight holder, so when you pop the candle in the back the light shines through and it looks lovely. I have it in my living room, and I just love it so much I wish I’d picked up more! This was only €2.50.


The next thing I spotted was this gorgeous copper basket. Like everyone right now, I just love copper accessories, and can’t stop buying them! I picked this up immediately not having any idea what I was actually going to put in it. When I got it home I thought maybe I can pop two little plants in white ceramic pots into it. I still haven’t done anything with it, so if you have any ideas let me know! This was €4.


Finally, I’ve had my mind set on making a photo washing line for ages, actually since I read Sprinkle of Glitter post about it way back in 2012. Basically, I plan on stringing the twine across the wall, and using the little pegs to hold small photos along the line, almost like things hanging on a little washing line. The pegs were €2, and the string €1, so it’s a pretty cheap way to display photos. Once I get back from my Disneyland trip, I plan on printing loads of photos, so I’m definitely going to try create my washing line!

So there you have it, a whole load of random junk that I picked up this week! What have you been buying lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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