Oliver Bonas Wishlist!

oliver bonas collage111

Grey Marl Knit- Swallow Print Shirt-  Marble Jewellery Box- LOVE Framed Print- Copper Shovel Bottle Opener-

Oh, Oliver Bonas, how I love thee. Unfortunately, there are no Oliver Bonas stores in Ireland, but every time I visit London, I make sure to find a shop, so I can swoon oveer all the beautiful clothing and homewares that they stock. For my birthday, I got a candle & a beautiful dress from the brand, and they are amongst some of my favourite things that I own.

From the items above, my absolute favourite has to be the swallow print shirt, I just love the grey colour, and the design and fit is unlike anything I’ve seen on the high street here. The grey marl sweater is also beautiful (and one that I hope ends up in the January sale!) As for the homewares, what blogger doesn’t love a bit of marble eh? Although the jewellery box doesn’t exactly fit in with my general home theme, I want it all the same. The LOVE framed print would be fantastic above my bed, and lets face it, who wouldn’t fancy a copper shovel bottle opener?

Those are the bits I’m currently lusting after from Oliver Bonas. What are you wishing for at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!





2 thoughts on “Oliver Bonas Wishlist!

  1. Tasha says:

    Oliver Bonas are definitely one of my favourite ‘lust-after’ brands but I don’t own anything from them unfortunately. Hoping to get some items for my birthday and Christmas! Great post xx

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