NARS Glossybox Review

Rewind to July… I’m sitting in work, having a cuppa and flicking through my Instagram timeline when I gasp so loudly my colleague almost chokes on her tea. I spotted Really Ree posting about how there was going to be a limited edition Glossybox for NARS, and I knew there and then that I HAD to have it!


As cash is a little bit tight at the moment, my boyfriend very kindly offered to buy it for me as a little present. As you know if you’ve read the blog for a while, I’m a Glossybox subscriber, but as this was limited edition, it wasn’t included in your regular subscription, and it cost a rather hefty €47 including delivery, in comparison to the regular €15 or so that the regular monthly editions cost. The box contains 5 deluxe miniatures, but no full sized items. Anyway, lets take a look inside…


Firstly, the box itself is different than the usual pink Glossybox. Its a black box with white writing, that has a matte velvet style finish. I didn’t take any photos of the outside, as to be honest, the box looked rather grubby, due to the kind of material its made from. I get that its meant as a tribute to NARS iconic matte rubberised black packaging, but a glossy finish box would have looked alot nicer! The products inside all came wrapped in black tissue paper with a little NARS embossed ribbon, which was a nice touch. Another nice touch was the little information card, designed like a booklet. It contains descriptions of each of the products and tips on how to use them, along with their prices. I wish these little booklets came in each Glossybox, rather than the piece of card, as the booklet just looks alot nicer, and contains alot more information.  As it only arrived today, this is more of  first impressions post, as I haven’t road tested any of the items yet!


The first item I pulled out of the box was the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in the shade Via Veneto. This is a pretty decent sized liner, that is a lovely dark matte black shade. I haven’t tried it on the waterline yet, but when I swatched it on my hand it set pretty quick, and hasn’t budged or smudged even when I’ve been rubbing at it. It promises to last for 12 hours, so I’m hoping it lives up to its claims! The information leaflet recommends ‘sketching on your desired shape’ instead of just applying in one motion. Its a twist up pencil with a built in sharpener at the bottom, which is a definite bonus! The full size retails at €25.


Sticking with eyes, also included was a deluxe sample size of the Audacious Mascara, which is the newest launch from the brand. This is in the shade ‘Black Moon’ and the formula promises to lift, curl and amplify the lashes. I just love the black tube with red detail on the lid, and the rubber wand looks promising, with it’s different length bristles working to create maximum intensity. I’m going to try this out tomorrow, and I’ll report back if it lives up to its claims! A full size of this mascara retails for €26.


The next item included is the Satin Lip Pencil in the shade ‘Rikugien’ which is such a beautiful dusty rose shade, definitely my kind of colour! It feels creamy and moisturising on the lip, and leaves such a nice satin finish, that lasts a pretty long time. Also, the packaging, as with all NARS products, is gorgeous. Its the style of lip pencil that must be sharpened, and I know from my sister owning one of these already, that it is pretty difficult to sharpen as its such a hard plastic-style exterior. I’ve heard that popping it into the freezer first can help prevent the pencil from smushing up in the sharpener, so I think I’ll ty that trick! A full size would set you back €26.


The next item is the one I was most excited about getting, The Multiple in ‘Orgasm’. This is a cult classic, its a twist up cream stick formula, that has such a beautiful pinkish glow, it will give such a nice highlighted flush on the cheeks. You can also use this on the lips too. I think this is a pretty good size for a sample, as you only need to apply a little bit of product with your fingers, so it should last a pretty long time. I think this will look great paired with the matching ‘Orgasm’ blusher, I can’t wait to try it out! A full sized multiple retails at a whopping €41!


Finally, the last item in the box was one I already own, the cult classic blush in the shade ‘Orgasm’. I have a full size of this in my collection already, and I LOVE it. It is one of my favourite blushers (in my rather embarrassing collection of 60+ blushers-gulp) it is the most beautiful peachy pink shade that has a hint of shimmer, I think it looks great on all skintones. It lasts such a long time on the skin, and I love the little compact packaging that contains a mirror, its so handy to pop into your handbag. I think this miniature size is really good, I already have other NARS blushes in this size, and they’re great for travel, and even though they don’t look that big, they contain 3.5g of product, which in comparison is a whole gram more than the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushers, so it’ll last you a pretty long time! I can’t rate this blusher highly enough, its so good, I urge you all to check it out! A full size will set you back €30.


Swatches Left to Right~ Orgasm Blush, The Multiple ‘Orgasm’, Eyeliner- Via Veneto, Satin Lip Pencil ‘Rikugien’

So, there you have it, the NARS Glossybox. As it sold out in only 27 minutes, I can’t tell you to go out and buy it, as they were all snapped up fairly quickly. Is it worth the €47 price tag? Well, I’m not sure… If you’re a makeup addict like me, who will love testing out all the products, then yes. If you already owned a couple of items, or don’t think you’d like them all, then no.. as you could buy the full sized eyeliner and lip pencil for just a few quid more than the price of this entire box of miniatures.

I am really pleased that I got my hands on it though, as I really like all the items included, and as I’ve loved every NARS product that I’ve tried so far, I have high hopes for all the products here!

Did you get the NARS Glossybox? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

If you would like to subscribe to Glossybox you can do so here.

15 thoughts on “NARS Glossybox Review

  1. lolarocks says:

    I got mine & can’t wait to try them all. I originally bought it as a gift for my 15 year old daughter as she loves high end brands too and I thought it would make a great present, but when I opened it and saw what a fab set it was I decided to keep it for myself. (The fact two of the products are named orgasm also gave me cause for concern, I’m such an old bird lol). I’m really looking forward to following the instructions and seeing how it turns out!

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