Paris Haul- Disney, Kiko & French Skincare!


As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog lately, I recently took a holiday to Disneyland Paris. While I was there I picked up a few little bits and bobs, which I thought I’d share with you in a haul post! If you’d like to read all about my trip and see all my photos of Disneyland you can read my post here. Lets get on to the haul then shall we….?


Firstly, I did some shopping in Disneyland. I actually surprised myself by not buying tons of stuff, but I was trying to stick to a budget, and also had to remind myself that I already own an awful lot of Disney merchandise so I didn’t need to buy a lot! As it was Christmas time, I picked up this really cute Christmas tree decoration that is also a little photo frame. I just loved how cute it was, and the red and gold theme will fit in with my tree theme perfectly. This was pricey enough at €12, but I just had to have it!


This was actually the first thing I bought before I even entered the park itself, I popped into the World of Disney store in Disney Village and picked myself up a pair of Minnie ears to wear! This was my 7th visit to a Disney park, and I’d still never gotten around to buying some mouse ears, so I had to get them this time, and at €16, I didn’t think it was too bad a price to pay. I wore them for the entire trip, but I won’t lie, they did hurt my head a lot, I’m pretty sure I had bruising behind my ears from them!! The price you pay for Disney fashion eh?


I got a new car this year, and I still hadn’t gotten around to putting a key ring on my car keys, so when I saw this one I knew I had to have it. I just loved how the red ring was in the shape of a Mickey head, and it also has all my favourite characters on it! This was €5.


A bit of a random one, but one I loved! A mickey and minnie shaped ice cube tray!! I always have ice in my drinks, so I thought, why not have Disney shaped ice cubes? I also reckon it’ll be a nice little conversation starter when guests come over! Its made from silicone, so its pretty easy to pop the cubes out into your glass. This was €6.


Finally in Disneyland, this wasn’t technically a purchase by me, but I had to include it! My boyfriend bought this set of Toy Story inspired lights, which come in a circular string, meaning you can wear them around your neck, as well as displaying them in your house. They have different settings and speeds, so you can alternate between flashing lights or just regularly lit up. This was €10, which I thought was a pretty good deal!


On to makeup, I actually picked up the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in Duty Free in Dublin Airport before we left for Paris. I just adore this foundation so much, it gives a gorgeous medium coverage that leaves such a flawless finish, and it has no SPF which is a massive bonus when wearing it on nights out. This was €38.25, which is pretty spendy for a foundation; but it costs €45 in Brown Thomas, so I saved a few quid on it. If you’d like a full review on this, let me know!


I stopped by City Pharma when we went to Paris for the day, as I’d heard it was the cheapest place to buy skincare, with the best selection of brands. It was such an amazing store, but sadly I hadn’t got much spending money left by that point, so I could only pick up some essentials. I got these two whopper 500ml bottles of Bioderma for €15.50, which was such amazing value, considering that it costs €16 here for one bottle, it was basically two for the price of one, so I couldn’t leave them behind! This is such an amazing micellar water that I use to remove makeup. I used to bulk buy these when I visited France, so I’m pleased I can pick them up in Ireland now when I run out.


The second item that I picked up in City Pharma was the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentré which I’ve wanted to try ever since hearing the Pixiwoo sisters rave about it years ago! Its meant to be an extremely hydrating moisturiser, so I’m hoping it will work wonders when my skin gets dry in winter. This large 75ml tube cost about €10, which in comparison to €26 for the same tube in Boots; was a pretty good saving! I’ll update you on my thoughts once I test it out for a while!


Finally, I got to visit a KIKO store when we visited the Val d’Europe shopping mall beside our hotel. It may not seem too exciting for those of you living in the UK where there are some KIKO stores, but it’s not a brand you’ll find in Ireland, so I was really pleased to pick up these bits and bobs. I couldn’t get over how cheap it was, I wish I’d picked up loads more!!


Firstly, I picked up the Ultra Glossy Stylo lipstick in this lovely neutral pink shade ‘803’ Pink Flamingo. Its a sort of ‘your lips but better’ colour, that is nice and pink and glossy and it feels so smooth on the lips. This was only €4.90 which is amazing value for a lipstick!


Next, I picked up the Smart Eye Pencil in the shade 800 ‘Golden Silk’ which is such a nice golden/metallic shade. I chose this as I thought it would look really nice worn on the waterline or as an inner corner highlight. Its not the most creamy formula out there, but its pretty good, and a complete bargain at €2.50!


Finally, the one that was first choice on my KIKO Wishlist, the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in ’05 Rosy Brown’ which is such a lovely metallic brown/bronzey shade. It is so easy to apply and blends beautifully on the lid. I think this would be great for travelling, as its so lightweight and can be applied with your finger, so no need for brushes. Its pretty long lasting on my oily eyelids, the only downside is that I wish I’d bought more! This was a complete bargain at €5.90.

So there you have it, the few little bits and bobs that I picked up in Paris. Have you been shopping lately? Let me know in the comments below!

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