Some 2015 Highlights…


2015 has been an amazing year, one that has gone by in such a flash! Seriously who can believe its almost 2016? This was my first year of blogging, and so far I’ve really enjoyed it. I know these sort of things take alot of work, time and patience, and although I’ve wanted to pack it in on more than one occasion, I’m really glad I’ve stuck it through! I’m only 9 months in, and already really pleased with all I’ve published and how far I’ve come, so thanks to everyone for dropping by and taking a look on Just My Look, and hopefully 2016 will be an even bigger and better blogging year!

2015 has had some amazing highlights for me. Rather than do a specific ‘favourite products’ style post, I thought I’d chat about some of my overall favourite experiences and products that I discovered this year!


Of course, my major highlight had to be my trip to Disneyland Paris. Although it was my 5th visit to the French home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, it was still as magical as the first time I visited. As a Disney fanatic, there is something so amazing about being immersed in the Disney magic in such an enchanting setting. I already want to go back again! My blogpost on the trip was also my most popular post this year, which made it extra special for me!

Apart from Paris, I was also lucky enough to visit London, New York and Costa Del Sol on holidays this year, which were all major highlights for me too!

Another fantastic discovery for me this year was Glossybox!  I was lucky enough to receive a subscription from my boyfriend last Christmas, and after a year of being subscribed, I can honestly say it is an amazing service for any beauty lover. Yes of course, with any subscription service, some months will be better than others, and there have been some dud products along the way, but overall I have received a really fantastic collection of products, some of which have become holy grail items, from brands I never would have discovered otherwise. I’m definitely going to stick with Glossybox into 2016, so expect to see plenty more chat about it on Just My Look this year!

If you’re interested in signing up to Glossybox you can do so here.

You can read all my Glossybox posts here.

Some of my other highlights this year have been: Christmas, not just the presents, but spending time with family, and enjoying a whole 10 days break from work! I’m not going to enjoy heaading back next week and faacing the dreaded January blues!

It may seem strange to add a pair of trainers, but I’ve adored my Nike Juvenate Black & White Polka shoes so much! They’re so comfy to wear, and I love how they look great with skinny jeans, and add a slightly dressier element to a casual outfit. Definitely my 2015 fashion favourite!

My favourite book this year was A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman, which I read back in September. Its a great read about an old man who lost his wife, and doesn’t want to live by himself anymore. It’s all about how the support of good friends and neighbours can change your life, a really interesting book!

My favourite high end fragrance this year has been the Elizabeth & James Nirvana White, a lovely feminine delicately musky scent. I love the bottle design and just adore the uniqueness of this scent! The only problem? Its only sold in the USA- meaning I’ll have to book a flight Stateside to buy another bottle!

Another favourite this year has been my Ban.Do Planner, which sounds crazy, but seriously this piece of stationary has massively helped my blogging life! It helps me to plan out all my posts, and keep track of my ideas, alongside my personal appointments, birthdays etc. Its such a cute little diary, that was well worth the rather expensive €27 I splashed out on it!

Another fragrance favourite is the ‘Blissful Mistful’ body mist from Zoella Beauty, a gorgeous fresh and feminine scent that is perfect for everyday wear. The little bottle is handy to carry around in my handbag, and I get so many compliments whenever I wear it, it was such a great discovery this year!

Finally, an event favourite was going to see Ed Sheeran in Croke Park back in July! It was such a fantastic concert, and seeing one man and his guitar entertain 80,000 people for over 2 hours was amazing, it was such a great show. I’d previously seen him play in more intimate venues, so I was apprehensive about going to see him in a huge arena, but he knocked it out of the park, and it was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to!

So there you have it, some of my 2015 favourites. Here’s hoping 2016 brings as many great memories and experiences as this year has! What have you been loving in 2015? Let me know in the comments below!


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