Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water Review


I love wearing makeup, I really do. I love everything from the application process, to checking myself out in the mirror during the day and admiring my winged eyeliner perfection, to the way it gives me confidence and makes me feel good. Do you know what I dislike about wearing makeup? Having to take it off.Β Yes, I’m a lazy person and often have to almost drag myself to the sink to begin the tedious double cleanse process.

A couple of years ago, the hype began building about micellar waters, a seemingly miracle liquid that would dissolve makeup in a flash, leaving your skin clean and clear, and it just sounded like the perfect option for a lazy git like myself. Bioderma wasn’t available in Ireland back then, so on my next visit to France, I stocked up, and of course, fell in love. When my stash ran out, I turned to other ‘drugstore’ versions like the Soap & Glory and Garnier offerings, but honestly, they never quite matched up to Bioderma. So when they announced Bioderma was launching in Irish pharmacies, I was thrilled!

For me, Bioderma is the perfect formula, I simply soak a cotton pad in the liquid, and sweep it all over my face, including eyes and lips, and it literally dissolves and removes all my makeup at lightning speed. I repeat until the cotton pad comes away clean, and usually it only takes 2 attempts until I have a spotlessly clean face. The great thing is that this micellar water doesn’t leave any residue behind on my skin, nor does it leave it feeling tight or dry. There is no fragrance or alcohol present, it literally feels as light as water, it is so gentle on my skin. I often find that face wipes sting my skin, so this is definitely a great alternative for me. I usually use it as a pre-cleanse, and then follow up with my beloved Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, but it is a great option to remove a face full of slap Β when I’m too drunk lazy to properly wash my face!

I picked up this bottle in Paris (hence why it’s labelled as Crealine H20 on the label) but it is now available in a lot of pharmacies in Ireland, and the huge 500ml bottle is priced at €16, which I think is great value, as this bottle will last you through months of makeup removal. Don’t get me wrong, the Garnier Micellar Water is a fantastic alternative, that is also much cheaper, but I find that I need to use alot more cotton pads to get a clean face than I do with Bioderma, so thats why this just pips it to the post!

Yes, Bioderma certainly deserves the hype. If you’re looking for a great makeup remover, you really cant go wrong with this one!

Have you tried Bioderma? What is your favourite micellar water? Let me know in the comments below!

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