Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter Book Review!


I love YouTubers, really I do. I’ve been watching YouTube videos for years now, and I feel like I can really relate to a lot of the vloggers on there. So when a surge of YouTube books hit the market last year, I picked up a few from my favourite ‘stars’ to check out. One of those being ‘Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter’ by Louise Pentland, aka ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’. Now, I actually got this for my birthday back in August, but I’m only getting around to writing about it now!

I really enjoy watching Louise’s videos. A recently separated mother of one, she offers a variety of videos on topics such as family life, fashion, beauty, crafts, being a mummy, animals, interior design, self esteem and positive mental health….to name but a few! Louise has such a bright personality and positive outlook on life, as well as being refreshingly honest with her viewers, so its not surprising that she has amassed over 2 million subscribers.


Her book is a true reflection on her personality. Seriously, while reading it you almost feel as if Louise is just chatting away to you, its written in such a wonderful way that it is almost as if you can hear her voice reading the words off the page. You can tell Louise put alot of love into creating this book. It’s not your typical ‘YouTuber’ book, it contains the perfect blend of topics, such as lifestyle, advice, how-to, skincare, relationships and ‘need to knows’ to name but a few.

Now, I’m sure Louise’s core demographic are much younger than me, I’m thinking a lot of this book will really appeal to teenagers, but there are also a lot of topics that will be great for adults around my age too. It’s a mixed read as there are chapters where she chats about boys, and bullying at school, along with teenage alcohol consumption, but on the other hand she tackles more ‘adult’ topics like buying your own house, becoming a parent and bonding with baby, which I think may be a bit ‘too grown up’ for her teen fan base. I really enjoyed these aspects of the book, so it just shows, if you were to judge this book as being another teen read, you may miss out on some great reading that applies to areas of your life now.


I really enjoyed how Louise included so many personal stories in the book. In the section on comfort zones she spoke openly and honestly about her anxiety around travel, and in the dating and boys section, she included some truly hilarious stories on some of her reaal life dating disasters. Seriously, I was chuckling away reading this section!

Another aspect that I loved was how the whole book is so beautifully designed. From cover to cover it is jam packed full of the most amazing illustrations and gorgeous photographs on every single page. I love the crafts section and the ‘anti-baking’ section appeals so much to me, as I’m completely useless in the kitchen, so some simple recipes are exactly what I need!


The book is filled with a whopper 256 pages of great reading, and the best part is that unlike some other similar books, this is the perfect size to pop into your handbag, and as it is such an easy read, it would be the perfect book to have to read on your daily commute.

I really highly recommend you pick up this book, not only if you’re a Sprinkle of Glitter fan, but if you enjoy any of the topics that I’ve mentioned above, it is such a nice uplifting read that will leave you feeling really positive!

Have you read the Sprinkle of Glitter book? What other reads do you recommend for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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