Penneys/Primark Wishlist!

I get so excited when a new season launches in Penneys. Seriously, Penneys (the Irish name for Primark!) is my ultimate favourite place to shop, I mean how many other shops on the high street have such a great range of clothing, underwear, pyjamas, footwear, makeup, homewares, accessories… not to mention kids and menswear products at such affordable prices! So I did some stalking on the Penneys website and compiled a list of all the bits and bobs I need to pick up as soon as payday comes around!


First of all, you guys all know how obsessed I am with Disney, and Penneys is one of my favourite places to buy affordable Disney inspired clothing! I just love all the new pjs that are arriving in store, and seriously, I desperately need to get my hands on the ‘I will never be too old for Disney’ top! All of these items are so reasonably priced, with the T-shirts around €8, and the PJ’s costing about €12-€16 a set!

Now, on to the clothing! They haven’t added a huge amount of new season clothing to their website yet, but I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing so far! I’m delighted to see some sunglasses starting to appear, and these retro ones are a great bargain at only €1.50 a pair! My favourite item is this gorgeous blue striped loose shirt, it will look so great with jeans in springtime, I need to get my hands on it! The suede boots are fantastic, and I’m really excited to pick up some new trainers and light canvas shoes in spring time!

On to the random bits and bobs, which are my favourite thing to buy in Penneys lets not lie! The ‘More Issues Than Vogue’ notebook is a steal at only €3, and I really want to try the PS Love contour sticks! Then of course, there’s the massive new range of candles, and how cute is the checked fleece blanket! I just love picking up all these different affordable home accessories!


Speaking of homewares, how amazing are all these images from the Primark website? I love the different blue and white quilts and towels and soft furnishings for the home, perfect to brighten up the place for springtime! And all the monochrome home accessories are fantastic, my ultimate favourite is the ‘Keep It Simple’ print with the little gold heart, which I am DYING to get my hands on when it comes into stores!

So that’s my quick wishlist of the Primark Spring 2016 range! Have you spotted anything you like here? Let me know in the comments below!

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