January Favourites 2016-Skincare, TV & Random!

January seemed like the longest month, I was flat broke and staying dry (ie avoiding alcohol to attempt to cleanse my liver post-Christmas!) so it was a rather uneventful few weeks. This month’s favourites post is a prety small round up of items, I’d been staying mainly makeup free in January, and enjoying alot of lazy days in front of the tv! Let’s take a look at what I’ve been loving…


My only product love this month has been this skincare saviour, the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask. As I mentioned above, I didn’t wear much makeup during January, I wanted to give my skin a bit of a break for a while. My skin wasn’t in the best shape after the party season, and this mask gave a massive helping hand in clearing it up! I applied this twice weekly in January, and I felt that it really reduced redness in my skin, while making any breakouts appear a lot less angry, as well as making my pores look a bit smaller! In fact, this is all over my face right now as I type this post! It really is a great mask, I’d recommend it to anyone who suffers from problem skin from time to time. I’ve done a more in depth review on it here.


As you’ll have seen in my previous posts, I did a little spot of shopping when payday rolled around! My favourite purchase were these fantastic Minnie Mouse shoes! I love the vibrant design on them, and they are seriously so comfy to wear, I think they look greaat with skinny jeans and a white tee. They were a complete bargain at only €10 from Penneys!


Another January favourite has been Instagram! I’ve really gotten back into posting, and I’m loving interacting with people on there. It’s also a great way of discovering new bloggers, so if you’re on Instagram come check out my account here, and let me know your username so I can give you a follow 🙂


January was a month of lazing in front of the TV, and everyone and their mother was glued to Making A Murderer. If you haven’t seen it, you need to get on Netflix ASAP and start watching it, believe me- you’ll be hooked in no time! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but it’s basically the story of a man named Steven Avery, who was wrongly accused of a crime and sentenced to a lengthy spell in prison. He proved his innocence and was released, only to be arrested for a murder shortly after he was freed. The series follows the whole trial and contains interviews with Steven and his family. Regardless of whether you think he’s innocent or guilty, it’s such a great watch. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be shouting at the TV (when Brendan Dassey is being interviewed by the police, I mean COME ON!!) If you’ve watched it, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


My final favourite has been Celebrity Big Brother! I always watch it when it’s on, and this series has been such a great one. It was disappointing to see so many of the housemates walk in the early stages, but it has developed into such great viewing. The whole Jeremy/Stephanie ordeal drove me mad, and I won’t lie, I cried with laughter at the whole Tiffany thinking David Gest was dead fiasco! My winner would definitely be Scotty T, I love him in Geordie Shore, and he’s been such a great housemate in CBB. I’m also really fond of Darren Day, he has come across like such a nice guy. Are you watching CBB? Let me know who you want to win in the comments below!

What have your favourites been in January? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “January Favourites 2016-Skincare, TV & Random!

  1. sophiessparkle says:

    Gave you a follow on Instagram, I seriously need to get back into posting again! This CBB is the first one I’ve watched religiously for a few years! Got to admit I LOVED Steph but Scotty T defo deserved it

      • sophiessparkle says:

        I’ll be honest I didn’t expect her to go as far as she did but I think as soon as she explained about how crappy her and SAMs relationship was everyone had a change of heart, but now all I see is her and Jeremy arguing and him ‘cheating’ on her lol! Poor lass hasn’t got a chance. Aw Darren was so sweet!

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