My AliExpress Haul!

Oh Aliexpress, how I love thee. You may have heard of the online marketplace filled with mainly Chinese sellers, it’s an eBay of sorts, a treasure trove of all new items ranging from clothing, to electricals, homewares to jewellery. I love it! I first came across Aliexpress a couple of years ago, when I purchased a rather expensive dress online (about €160) only to be sent a fake version, which was nowhere near the quality I’d expected. Anyway, I managed to send it back and receive a full refund, but it got me thinking; there are clearly cheaper versions of this dress to be found online, and my search led me to Aliexpress, where I found a decent knock off of my dress for about €20. I was happy with that, and the dress got a few outings before the style went out of fashion, I was definitely glad I didn’t pay the full €160 to only get 3 or 4 wears from it then.

Anyway, Aliexpress isn’t all about ‘knock offs’ in fact that’s the only time I’ve bought a ‘copy’ item. Instead, I’ve found a lot of clothing, jewellery and random accessories that I’ve really loved, for seriously cheap prices. I recently did a spot of shopping on Aliexpress, so let’s take a look at what I picked up!


Firstly, I picked up this sweater. I love the grey and black, and how cool is the slogan? I love wearing this to work with leggings and trainers for a cute casual look! It’s made from really soft sweat top material, and the inside is really fleecy and warm. I really love it! This was around €9, and was the most expensive item in my haul! You can find the seller here.


Next, I spotted this gorgeous scarf. I’d been looking for a nice scarf to go with my Mango coat for the longest time, and I thought this would be the perfect fit. I love the pink and green pattern, and the scarf itself is so soft and comfy to wear. Yes, its a little on the thin side compared to other scarves I own, but as it only cost me €5.40, I’m impressed with the quality for that price! I’ve gotten a lot of compliments since I’ve started wearing it too! You can find the seller here. They offer a ton of other styles too.


A random one I know, but I love paper straws! Yeah sure, they’re a bit of a blogger cliché, especially when used with a little milk bottle or mason jar as I so often do, but who cares? I think they look really cute compared to regular plastic straws, but boy can they be pricey in stores here in Ireland. I’ve come across packs of 20 for about €4 here, so when I saw these lovely zig zag striped ones online for only €0.88 for a 25 pack, I stocked up on 5 packs! I chose a few different colours that the seller had to offer, I think they will be great for when I’m having garden parties in the summertime. I got them from this seller. Then I spotted the lovely pink and white spotty ones from a different seller, and I added those to my cart too, although they were slightly more expensive at €1.10!


Next, on to jewellery! Now, I used to have a similar bracelet to this one, that was definitely a lot more expensive, but I broke it, and couldn’t bear to shell out big bucks to replace it. So when I saw this affordable version, I added it to my cart straight away! It’s so gorgeous and sparkly, and looks really nice in real life. I think it will be perfect to wear out with a nice outfit to a wedding or special occasion, and the best part? It only cost me €4.30 so if anything happens to this one I won’t feel guilty! You can find it at this seller. 


Finally, I popped this bangle into my cart. I liked the unusual style, I haven’t seen anything like it in store here. It’s a perfect fit and really comfortable to wear (sorry I have no photos of me wearing the jewellery, I’m currently sporting a few unsightly cuts and bruises from work!) I think this might look nice stacked with other jewellery, or worn alone, for a touch of bling to any outfit. This was a complete bargain at only €1.00! I’ve even seen this on offer since for 60 cent, so it’s definitely worth the spend! You can find it with this seller.

Now, although all the items that I’ve bought are fantastic, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t duds on Aliexpress. I’ve placed 20 orders on the site, and out of those 4 of them were disastrous quality when they arrived, 1 item never arrived, but the other 15 were all pretty decent for the price! The main thing to remember is, check the sellers reviews from other customers, if there are photos from customers in the reviews section, check them out, as the sellers descriptions aren’t always 100% truthful. If the sellers ratings are all bad, avoid at all costs! Also, make sure you check the sizes, as the sellers are mainly Chinese, their sizes are much smaller over there, so if measurement guides are provided, use them. You may be a small here, but an extra large by Chinese standards! Also, the shipping is mostly free on the majority of items, but be prepared to wait a really long time for your products to arrive. On average I waited 4 weeks from the date of ordering for my items to arrive. If your item doesn’t arrive, you can report it to the seller, and they will refund you. Also, if you are unhappy with the quality of the item when it arrives, you can dispute it with the seller and request a partial refund. I’ve done this in the past with items that didn’t match the description when they arrived, and the sellers were very easy to deal with, and refunded me a percentage of the value. I would also advise you to avoid cosmetics at all costs, there are alot of fake MAC, Urban Decay etc on there, and I think it’s best to steer clear, as god knows what materials they’ve used, and you could suffer a very serious reaction to them!

So there you have it, my Aliexpress haul! I plan on picking up a few items again soon, I’ve seen some nice clothes for summer, so I’m gonna check them all out asap!

Have you bought anything from Aliexpress? How did you find the experience? Let me know in the comments below!

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