Yankee Candle ‘Fluffy Towels’ Review!


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m candle obsessed.Β Nothing beats a gorgeous scented candle flickering away in the living room, and everyone who knows me will know that the perfect gift for me is a candle of any sort! So when I got this Yankee Candle in Fluffy Towels for Christmas, I was thrilled! The packaging of this one is unlike any other Yankee Candle I’ve seen before. It comes in a sort of metallic container, and its actually pretty big. It’s a two wick candle, which are my favourites, as the wax burns a lot more evenly with this type. I also find that the scent is somewhat stronger on two wick candles. I think the outside packaging is really funky, and I actually prefer it to the regular Yankee Candle jars that we are all familiar with. This is part of the ‘A warm house makes a glowing home’ range, which I have yet to come across others in stores, my boyfriend got me this one in a Yankee Candle shop in town, so maybe its a store exclusive?

Anyway, on to the scent… well, its the most amazing fragrance ever! Seriously, it is such an accurate name, it really does smell exactly like freshly laundered towels, fresh from the dryer. Seeing as I don’t have a tumble drier in my house, its not something I smell very often, and I absolutely love it! You’d expect this to be a really overpowering scent, but its a beautifully clean and warm fragrance, that fills the house when I burn it. I usually place this candle on the windowsill at the top of my stairs, and the scent just travels throughout my entire home, filling the air with such a gorgeous fresh fragrance. If you like light homely scents in your house, then you will adore this!

You’ll have to do a bit of searching for this exact jar design, my boyfriend told me it cost €20 from the Yankee Candle store. However, the Fluffy Towels scent is available in all the other regular jar sizes and wax votives, so on your next visit to a Yankee stockist, give it a little sniff, you won’t be disappointed!

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? Leave me your recommendations in the comments below!

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