Face D 3-Luronics Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream…. The best eye cream ever?!


I first discovered the Face D 3-Luronics Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream last February, when I received a 7ml sample sized tube in my Glossybox. I took it out, had a quick glance, thought to myself ‘meh, just another eye cream’ and tossed it into my skincare basket, forgetting about it altogether. Jump forward several months and I pulled it out of my stash and tried it out, and instantly regretted not trying it sooner!

Honestly, I don’t read into product’s claims on the packaging too much, the brand claim that this eye cream will reduce dark circles in 30 minutes and reduce wrinkles in 56 days. Now, I haven’t been trialling it consistently enough to confirm if it lives up to its claims, there are days when I forget to apply it, but honestly, whenever I do use it, the difference is phenomenal. I literally pop the tiniest amount of this thin liquid under my eyes with my ring finger, and it basically makes my dark circles disappear. No, really, I ain’t lying! I have such awful dark under eye circles, and this stuff just completely brightens my eye area, making me look so much more awake and refreshed. If I’m wearing makeup, this provides a perfect base for concealer, and my under eye area looks super highlighted which I love. But seriously, when I wear this on makeup free days, I don’t even feel like I need concealer one bit, as I look refreshed and awake, in a natural way, without any major visible eye bags. It really is a miracle product! If, like me, you suffer with horrendous dark under eye circles, you could do a lot worse than investing in this eye cream.

My teeny 7ml sample tube lasted me for months upon months of regular use, so this full sized tube should last forever, as you only need to apply a tiny amount each time. I picked it up for around €22 in Lloyds Pharmacy, but recently when I went back, they were selling it off for only €4.90 so maybe they aren’t carrying the line anymore? If anyone knows of some Irish stockists please let me know!

What is your holy grail eye cream? Let me know in the comments below!

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