Huge Penneys/Primark Haul!


You guys will know by now, I’m obsessed with Penneys (the Irish name for Primark) I spend half my wages there every month, I love their fashion, homewares and accessories, as they’re always bang on trend and so affordable! So recently I went a bit wild in my local store. Let’s take a look at my haul shall we?


I should have warned you to brace yourselves, cos there’s a whole lotta Disney in this haul! My mam and auntie actually picked me up these Disney T-shirts, and I love them both so much. The long sleeved Mickey Mouse top is so comfy and cute with jeans and converse, and I love the loose fit relaxed style of the navy Minnie Mouse tee, its perfect with jeans or leggings for a casual look. Both of these were reduced to only €3 each, what a bargain eh?!


Sticking with bargains, you may remember I bought these tops in different colours in a previous Penneys haul. Well, they were reduced in the sale, so I picked up two more! I chose a grey/khaki mix, along with a cream/navy version, as I love wearing these for work! They are so comfy, and look great with either jeans or leggings, as they are a great length. They are really lightweight, and I love the little turn up design on the sleeves. These were €3 on the sale rail, great price!


OK, here’s some more Disney, you may remember this set from my Disney Wishlist. I loved the Lion King so much, so when I spotted this cute vest and shorts set I knew I needed it. I love the caption and the Simba design, and the shorts are a really nice bright almost neon coral colour. They are pretty short and tight fitting, so I’d advise that you go up a size when buying these. I’m saving these for summer time, I think they’ll be perfect to wear on hot summer nights! These were €10 for the set.


And then I went a bit further with the whole Lion King obsession and bought this really cute pyjama set. Again, I love the neon bright coral, and the little baby Simba heads dotted all over. The top is really long, loose and comfy, and the leggings are lovely and snug and cosy, with a nice drawstring detail on the waistband, and cuffs at the bottom. I just adore these so much, the top was €7 and the leggings were €10.


And then I just went a bit insane with the whole Lion King mayhem and bought this gorgeous sweatshirt (I had to stop myself from buying the matching socks, slippers and knickers!) I love the idea of wearing this over my PJ sets, and I bought it in a size bigger so it would be a bit baggy and cosy to wear. My favourite element of this is the design on the sleeve, I love all the characters marching up the arm, its such a nice touch. This was €12.


This is where I completely lost the run of myself altogether. (This is the last Disney item I promise!!) You may also remember these from my Disney Wishlist, its the Finding Nemo PJ set! I’m really excited for the Finding Dory movie to come out in the summer, so I squealed when I found these in store. How cute is the design? The top is really nice, loose and comfy, and the leggings are a really cosy fit too. They’re different to a lot of the pyjamas I own, so I really love them. The top was €8 and the leggings cost €10!


This was such a pain to photograph, so apologies for the bad quality pictures! This rose gold style pendant reminded me so much of the more expensive Mi Moneda jewellery, but at the bargain price of only €4! It is a really long length chain, with a diamante filled disc. They also had them in silver and gold, but I chose the rose gold to match in with my rose gold watch. I’ve worn this a couple of times already, I find it really dresses up a plain top. Really pleased with this one!


Now, you’ll have to have been living under a rock not to have seen these a million times over already. Yup, a blogger cliché but I picked up the copper wire hangers, mainly to use when taking blog photos of clothes! These were €4 for a set of 5.


You guys know I love my Urban Decay setting sprays, but they can work out pretty pricey when used every day! So I spotted this Make Up Fixing Spray in the PS Love range, and I thought I’d give it a go. It comes in an aerosol can, so I’m a tad concerned that it might be like hairspray for your face, but I shall trial it out nonetheless! This was €2.50.


Finally, a TMI moment, but I thought I’d share the bargain that is a good ole T-Shirt Bra! These are only €3 and come in a variety of colours, though I chose the very boring, extremely unattractive white and nude versions. Basically, these are super comfy for everyday wear, so I tend to stock up on these to wear during the week. So you can save your lacy sexy numbers for the weekend eh? 😛 Who am I kidding, its all about comfort right? 

So that is my lot! A very Disney-heavy haul, if you’ve made it to the end, well done for sticking it out! Have you been shopping in Primark lately? Let me know what you’ve picked up in the comments below!

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