LoveOlli ‘Fly Away Home’ Candle Review


I don’t even need to remind you about my love for candles. I always have a couple of candles burning in the house, I just love how relaxed and homely they can make the place feel! They are one of my favourite gifts to receive, so when I was lucky enough to get this LoveOlli candle for Christmas, I was thrilled!

I’d never seen anything from this brand before, but after doing some research I have discovered that the brand is based in Northern Ireland and was established by textile designer Olive Rankin who’s main goal was to design simple and inspiring products with a vintage twist. It’s always great to discover new Irish brands that are producing new and exciting products.


Well this candle is just beautiful. I love how it came housed in a gorgeous presentation tin, with a little set of pink headed matches in a pretty little floral box adding to the lovely luxury feel. This scent is such a fantastic, light spring fragrance. To me, its a lightly floral scent with a few lemony notes added in, such a fresh yet relaxing fragrance. It’s not one of those overpowering fragrances that you’ll develop a headache from, rather just a beautifully light scent that lingers throughout the house, even long after it has been extinguished. I absolutely love the design on the jar itself too, even when I’ve used this up, I’ll definitely keep the jar for display, or perhaps as a tealight holder.

I’ve been lighting this regularly over the past couple of weeks, and it still has plenty left in it. It burns wonderfully clean, with no smoke or black marks, and the wax is melting away evenly. The candle is made from all natural soy wax, and promises a 40 hour burn time, which is great! For all this, you’d expect a high price point right? Well these candles retail at a very affordable £20 (with free delivery!) on the LoveOlli website, and €25 on Cloud10 Beauty. 


Seriously? How cute is the detailing on the little matchbox? I really think this would make the perfect gift for any candle lover!

From scrolling through the website I discovered that not only do the brand offer a selection of candles, reed diffusers and other home scents, there is also a huge selection of home items, including cushions, little bags and greeting cards. I’ve already spent far too much time compiling a wishlist online, so as soon as payday rolls around, I’ll definitely be placing an order!

Have you bought anything from LoveOlli? What is your favourite candle brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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