Primark Clothing & Accessories Haul :)


You guys are well aware of my love for Penneys at this stage. Penneys is the Irish name for Primark, and while a lot of the items in Penneys are also carried in Primark stores, many of the ranges are different in other countries. So on a recent trip to Belfast, I was pretty excited to visit the Primark store and pick up some bits and pieces that are not available in the Dublin stores. I’d made a list from items I’d seen on Instagram, and luckily found most of the things I wanted. A slight disclaimer here: this post contains ALOT of Disney items. So let’s take a look shall we….


First up, I’d spotted this night-shirt online and knew I had to have it. It’s a gorgeous lightweight shirt, with a pale pink stripe and cute little Minnie Mouse design on it. I also love the button turn up on the sleeves. Its a great length too, not too short but not too long either. I cannot wait to wear it, I’m sure its gonna be really comfy! This cost £10.

I’ve since spotted this in Irish Penneys stores for €12.


Next, I picked up these little pink striped pyjama shorts to go with the nightshirt. They are a slightly heavier flannel style soft material. I love the button detail and the grey waistband. I initially bought these in case the night-shirt was short, so I could wear them underneath, but they’d also be cute with a vest top for bedtime on warmer nights. These were £4.


Next, I stumbled across some t-shirts, and found exactly what I’d been looking for, a comfy slouchy white tee! This is a really lightweight, soft, loose-fitting tee, what will be perfect with jeans and converse in summer time. I can never find tops like this in the Penneys stores near me, hopefully they will appear soon! This was a bargain at £2, I wish I’d picked up a few more!


I was a massive Saved By The Bell fan as a kid (let’s not lie, I have all the box sets and still watch them occasionally!) So when I spotted this Bayside Tigers tee, I grabbed it with both hands! I love the colours and the retro design, and I think it’s a cool way to wear a Saved By The Bell tee, without being too out there, as it’s a subtle reference to the show. I cannot wait to wear this! This was £6.


Some more Disney now, and a t-shirt with all my favourite princesses on it, sure I couldn’t leave it behind! I love the grey colour mixed with the colourful print and #squadgoals slogan. I’m planning on visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando next year, so I’m going to save this to wear then (unless I crack and put it on before then!) This was also £6.


Sticking with Disney, another item I bought with my 2017 Orlando trip in mind was this Minnie Mouse backpack! Yes, it’s childish, and could even be used as a schoolbag, but my plan is to use it as my backpack when going around the theme parks, as where else would a 28-year-old get away with wearing a Minnie rucksack apart from the Magic Kingdom? It’s made of a lightweight cloth material, and how cute is the Minnie Mouse print?! I just could not leave it behind. This was £10.


Next up, a random addition, but one I’ve never spotted anywhere else before. These Shoe Size Adjusters are basically little wedges of soft foam, which you can insert into your shoes to make them fit a bit better. I picked them up as I’m actually a shoe size 5 1/2 but have to buy all my heels in a size 6 (most high street shops don’t do half sizes), so I thought these little adjusters could help my high heels to fit better, and hopefully minimise the discomfort I usually feel from my feet slipping around my shoe! At only £1.50 I thought they were worth a shot!


Finally, sticking with the theme of Disney and um, feet… here are the items I wanted the most. I’ve wanted the mermaid flip-flops since I saw people posting about them on Instagram a few months ago, so I was thrilled when I found them in store. I love the navy and gold design, and how cute is the print or Ariel and the ‘Mermaids Have More Fun’ slogan? I also picked up The Lion King ones too, in this neon pink and black design. They match in great with all the Simba pyjamas I’ve recently bought! I’ve been wearing them around the house all day today, and they are super comfy. Both of these pairs were a bargain at £2.50 each.

So that’s the lot! A very Disney focused Primark haul. Primark have such a fantastic range of Disney items in store at the moment (my basket was filled with a lot more stuff, but my boyfriend made me put alot of the items back!) So if you’re in the UK, definitely pay a visit to pick up some bargain Disney items. 

Have you been shopping in Primark lately? Let me know what you’ve picked up in the comments below!

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