Hitting Pan #5- The Almost Empties!


You’ll know from reading my previous ‘Hitting Pan’ posts, that I find the whole reaching the silver bit on a compact to be super satisfying. I have a rather ridiculous makeup collection (one of those 50+ blushers and 70 odd lipsticks dealios) so you know that I’m really loving a product when I actually get close to finishing it, as I tend to rotate between items a lot. So here are some of the latest items that I’m close to finishing up….


First up is my Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau De Toilette bottle. I usually don’t include perfumes in ‘Hitting Pan’ posts as they’re not technically makeup, nor do I get through perfume bottles very often. However, I had to mention this as it’s such a special fragrance to me. I first got this perfume when I was a teenager, and kept repurchasing it time and time again. It’s a feminine, fruity and floral scent, its light and sweet and not too overpowering. It’s the perfect day or night perfume. I have such a love for this fragrance, as on one of my first dates with my boyfriend, he told me ‘I smelled nice’ so I kept wearing this scent all the time when seeing him, so it reminds me of the early days we spent together. Also somewhat randomly, I wore this perfume the first time I went to meet the other love of my life, my little dog Bella. Then 2 weeks later when we were finally allowed pick her up from the breeder, I wore the perfume again, as I’d heard dogs recognised smells, so I wanted her to remember me. As soon as I arrived to the house, she ran to me and I was convinced it was because I wore this scent, so I repeatedly wore it during those first few special weeks with my puppy. It sounds a bit sad, but scents evoke a lot of memories in me, so I’ll always love this fragrance. I only have a teeny bit left in the bottle, but I’ll definitely repurchase it as soon as I’m finished.


Next up, is Dandelion blusher from Benefit Cosmetics. As I’ve mentioned, I have over 50 blushers, I am obsessed with blush! I’ve mentioned in my last few ‘Hitting Pan’ posts, that I’ve come close to finishing blushers from Gosh & Nars, but I’ll be honest and admit that I still haven’t even finished them up yet! Anyway, here is another one that I’m coming close to the end with, and it’s a really pretty blush. It’s a sheer ballerina pink powder, that provides a gorgeous soft flush to cheeks. You can apply a light sweep for a hint of radiance to the skin, but it’s also buildable and can add a nice natural colour on the face. This is a perfect day to day blush, it suits my fair complexion really well. People usually complain about the Benefit packaging, as it’s a cardboard box style compact, which isn’t great for carrying around in a makeup bag, but I don’t tend to carry blush around with me, so the packaging has lasted well with mine. I’m predicting that I will finish this compact shortly, but luckily I have a backup in my newly purchased Cheekathon palette!


Next up, is the NYX Matte Bronzer. NYX have only recently launched in the UK, but they’ve been in stores in Ireland for about 2 years now, so I’ve accumulated quite a few items from them, and this is one of my favourites. I’ve talked about this bronzer before, I really like matte bronzers, as they give a more natural effect on the skin. This powder is really easy to apply, it blends so easily and doesn’t go cakey, it just leaves a natural looking bronze look on the skin. It’s pretty decently pigmented, so you need to go lightly with this one, a little goes a long way. I love the sturdy black compact, it’s lasted well despite being knocked around my handbag for months now! And at only €10, its a bargain price for a great bronzer. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable matte bronzer.


Finally, another bronzer, although this one is not so affordable. This is a travel size of the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in the Medium/Deep shade. This is my third travel sized one of these, I’ve picked them up in various value sets from Sephora on my travels, and I really need to pick up a full sized one next! This stuff smells divine, just like sweet chocolate. It’s such a smooth, finely milled powder, that applies so easily to the face and blends out really easily. It gives an amazingly natural finish on the skin, and I find it lasts a really long time before I need to top it up. Yes, it’s fairly pricey at €30, but this teeny 4g compact has lasted me such a long time, as you need a really light hand with this, its massively pigmented, meaning a little goes a long way. I will definitely pick up a full sized one once I finish this one, and the NYX one!

So that’s the lot, I wonder how long it will take me to finally finish up all these items! Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Hitting Pan #5- The Almost Empties!

  1. bloggerista says:

    I love that you wrote about the NYX bronzer! I was looking around for a new affordable bronzers and NYX was on my ‘review list’. Can’t wait to try it out now!xx

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