Celtic Candles Pink Grapefruit & Champagne Candle Review!


Ooh, you all know how I love candles. So I was very excited recently to get my hands on a lovely Celtic Candle in the gorgeous Pink Grapefruit & Champagne scent. On first impressions, the packaging is perfect. A lovely little box with the cutest illustrations of birds, hearts and bird-cages, perfect for anyone who loves girly vintage designs like myself. The illustration is echoed on the candle itself, with a lovely large sticker displayed on the clear glass jar.

What I love about this candle is that it is made from 100% organic plant wax, with a unique blend of soy, palm and rapeseed, so I felt comfortable leaving it lighting in the house for a few hours at a time, as I wasn’t worried about breathing in heavily scented toxic fumes. There’s something about natural candles that makes me feel alot better about using them compared to regular versions, almost as if they’re ‘the healthier option’

The best part about this formula is, that you can actually use the warmed wax on the skin. Often once I extinguished the candle, I would take some of the warmed melted wax and rub it into my skin, and enjoyed the smooth feeling and also how I could inhale the beautiful scent to help me relax at stressful moments during the day! You could also use it as a massage oil, if that kind of thing floats your boat.

The scent of Pink Grapefruit & Champagne is a beautiful, lightly sweet and feminine fragrance. It is not in any way as strong or overpowering as for example a Yankee Candle, I found that it was more of a subtle scent that fills the house over time, and lingers long after you have blown out the flame. Due to the natural ingredients, I found the candle burned cleanly and evenly. The one I have is the ‘Medium Aromapot’ which claims to have a 50 hour burn time, but honestly mine felt as if it lasted much longer, I burned it nightly for hours at a time, for well over a month before it ran out, so it really was long-lasting. At €15.95 I think this is really great value for the quality!

Celtic Candles are an Irish company based in Baldoyle, Dublin. You can visit their factory store which is open to the public, or pick up this candle (and tons more) online here. I picked up another candle of theirs in a different scent in my local chemist, so keep an eye out in pharmacies nationwide, as you may come across them in your local chemist 🙂

What is your favourite candle? Let me know in the comments below!

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