Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Review :)


This isn’t my first time mentioning the Soap & Glory Peaches And Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, nor will it be my last (I’m working on a current skin care routine post for next week, so keep an eye out!) but I thought it deserved another little mention here on my small corner of the internet. I did a speed review last year, then forgot all about it once it was used up, moved on to trying sample sized cleansers from Glossybox and the likes, and then back to my trusty Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Then for Christmas, I received a bottle of this in a gift set, and I dug it out from the back of my drawer recently, ready to give it a go again.

Since my last post, a few things have changed. Firstly, the packaging is slightly different, I love the new design and little picture of the peach on the bottle. Secondly, the size of the tube has gone from 200ml to a whopping 350ml, but the price has stayed at the same bargaintastic sum of €8.49! It’s great when brands offer good value instead of upping the prices and ripping consumers off!

My thoughts on the product are the same as before, the peach scent is amazing, and luckily it hasn’t irritated my skin at all. I apply 2 pumps of the creamy cleanser to dry skin, and massage it all over my face, and it melts away every last scrap of makeup. I do still use a separate eye makeup remover, but it removes even the heaviest layers of slap otherwise. I then do a second cleanse to make sure all residue of daily dirt or grime are removed from my face. It leaves my skin feeling clean, yet smooth, soft and well hydrated, which is great. I can see this working for most skin types, as its so gentle on the skin. For me, it has been helping keep blemishes at bay, which is a brilliant bonus! I love the pump applicator, and how the tube is made from clear plastic, so you can see exactly how much product you have left inside. I’m so used to splashing out €19 a time for a bottle of Liz Earle, so it’s great to find an affordable alternative for half the price, that give almost 4 times the amount of product! I’ll definitely repurchase this again, will it sway me away from my beloved Cleanse & Polish? Well, possibly not, but it’s great to know there’s an amazing budget alternative out there for times that I’m stuck for cash!

What is your favourite cleanser? Have you tried any Soap & Glory skin care? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean Review :)

  1. Rachel's Beauty Talk says:

    I really like this product! I only discovered it this Christmas when I received it in a gift set. I use the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish first and then this for a second cleanse just to ensure that everything is off my face 🙂 xx

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