Gigantic Penneys/Primark Haul!!


I’m not even gonna do my usual disclaimer. Yes, I’m addicted to shopping, I’m particularly addicted to Penneys (which is the Irish name for Primark, FYI) so these sort of hauls happen far too often! This time, I popped in to pick up a new bikini… and well, €100 later…. I came out with a massive collection of goodies. Let’s take a closer look, eh?


Well here it is, the main reason for the trip, the bikini! I love the design, the bright colours, mixed with the different shades of pink and the black detailing, I just thought it would be perfect for my beach holiday to Spain, and it’s different to the usual floral strapless styles that I usually go for. I picked this up in a size 8 and it fits perfectly, but if you’re bigger busted, you may wanna go up a size or two. I have a bit of a booty and the small size still covers it pretty well though! These are sold as separates, the top is €9 and the bottoms €5.


Sticking with the summer holiday beach theme, I spotted these fantastic Finding Dory flip-flops, and grabbed them with both hands. I now own a massive collection of Disney flip flops from Primark, but these are my absolute favourite. I love the ‘Just Keep Swimming’ slogan, the character prints, and the sparkly straps are the best bit! Yes, they’re childish, but do I care? Not an ounce! These were €3.


More flip-flops, this time on the more glam side! I’d been looking at these in store for ages, but they never had my size, so when I finally found a pair of size 6s, I threw them in my basket as fast as lightning! I love the embellishment that goes all the way around the ankle, and the little plait detailing for between the toes is so pretty. I think these sandals will dress up any casual outfit, or could be worn with a skirt or dress for nighttime look. These were on the pricey side for Penneys, at €16, but well worth it in my opinion.


Next, I picked up this pretty little necklace. I love a statement necklace to add to a plain top, as it dresses up any outfit instantly. I really like the mix of pastel colours, and I think it will look great with a white tee and denim shorts for a nice summer look. This was €6.


While browsing the accessories, I came across this gorgeous bag. It’s a really nice faux leather tan bag, with a long strap that is lengthy enough to fit across the body. I like the gold detailing on the buckle, and it’s not too big, but it fits all the essentials inside. I think it will go perfectly with a lot of my summer outfits! This was €8.


Then, with holidays still in mind, I picked up this pretty little white top. I like the design on both the front and back, as you can see from the above picture, the back is somewhat split, so it shows off a bit of flesh, but in a classy way. It’s a sort of cropped length tee, not the kind that shows off your belly, but just skims about the waistband of your jeans. I think this will be perfect with denim shorts and my nice embellished sandals in summer! I can’t remember the exact price, but I think this was €11.


So, obviously I had to pick up some more Disney items. The selection of Disney merchandise in Penneys is so gigantic that it was so difficult to narrow my choices down. However, I don’t own much Ariel stuff, and I thought this tee was so cute. I love the print and the slogan, and they grey/blue colour with the little flecks is perfect for summer or winter wear. I’m already picking up items with the intention of wearing them when I go to Disney World in 18 months, and I haven’t even booked it yet! This tee was €8.



Next, I went for this cute pink sleeveless tee. I love the little pocket detail, and my favourite part is how the length is slightly longer at the back, so it covers your bottom a bit, which is good when wearing leggings. It also has little slit detailing at the bottom sides, which looks really cool when it’s on, and its so comfy to wear. I love it, and now wish I’d picked up a few more in different colours! This was €8.


Next, I picked up these cropped leggings. I love the waistband detailing, I think it’s so cute with the lighter grey with the heart detail. They’re made from thicker material than usual leggings, which I love, and I like the 3/4 length. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t do any exercise of any sort, so I’ll just wear these walking the dog or for going to work with a plain white tee and trainers. I definitely wanna go back and get a couple more pairs! These were great value at €7.


Finally, another pair of Disney shoes to add to my collection. I love these black Vans style canvas shoes, with the cute Mickey Mouse print all over. I think they will look great with skinny jeans as a subtle way to show off my Disney side. They feel really comfy to wear, and I cannot wait to get out and about in them! These were €10.

So that’s the lot! Will it be the last Penneys haul for a while? Erm, probably not! Have you been shopping in Primark lately? Let me know what you picked up in the comments below! 

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