Some Recent Favourites: Beauty, Fashion, Film & Music!


I’ve fallen off the wagon when it comes to composing Monthly Favourites posts recently. I was finding it difficult to come up with ideas of a range of products or things that I was head over heels with, so I skipped a couple of months, but today, I thought I’d do a little round-up of some things that I’ve been loving lately!


Firstly, for fashion, I picked up this little brown handbag in Penneys for the bargain price of €8, and I love it. With my recent neck and shoulder problems, I was finding it difficult to carry a heavy handbag, so I thought this gorgeous little one would be perfect to wear across body, with the nice tan colour matching in with a lot of my summer wardrobe. I also love the little gold detail on the front, and it just has a snap button closure. It’s not huge inside, but it fits my phone, wallet, keys and lip balm, which is all I really need eh?


For body care, I’ve been loving the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash. This stuff has the most amazing summer scent, I just adore it! It has a zesty, citrus, refreshing fragrance that is nice and sweet and reminds me of key lime pie or a fruity cocktail. It’s a gorgeous creamy formula, that fills the whole bathroom with the gorgeous scent and helps me to drift away to far off tropical sands in my mind… away from the reality of living in a rather boring dull housing estate. I’ve done a full review of this body wash here.


As I’ve been recovering at home for the past few weeks, I haven’t been wearing makeup much. But you may remember from a recent haul that I picked up the L’Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. Well kids, it is love with a capital L.O.V.E. You know when you first apply a new product, and you’re a bit unsure of how it will work out for you… well from the minute I popped the first dab of this in my skin I was like ‘Yaaaaassssss Queeeeeen’ this stuff is AMAZING! Now, its early days, so I will continue to try it out before I compose a full run down of my thoughts, but all I can say is, if you want light to medium buildable coverage that applies like a dream, and gives a long-lasting, natural, glowy, skin like finish, then run-dont walk, straight to Boots or Superdrug and grab this with both hands. You will not be disappointed. Expect a full review soon!

Also, I’ve been loving the Arrow Boost Color Enhancing Lip Balm, which is perfect for giving you gorgeous peachy plump lips. I’m really enjoying using this at the moment, it hasn’t been out of my bag since I got it in a Birchbox a while back, and it’s a Vegan, cruelty & paraben free brand, which is great if that sorta thing floats your boat.


This one will come as no surprise after my rave reviews, but I’m loving the Brush Egg Cleaner. Seriously, this nifty little lump of silicone makes washing your brushes so easy, as it cuts out tons of time, you can clean a brush in a flash with this little gizmo. I’ve always been one of those freaks who actually enjoys washing makeup brushes (there’s something so satisfying about watching the bristles turn back white and all the brown gunk trailing down the drain) but this makes it all the more fun! The best bit? It’s cheap as chips (in fact, a bag of chips probably costs more!) I won’t harp on for ages, as I’ve done a full blog post here.


I’ve been all about the fragrance for me this month, but these two have climbed their way to the top-tier of amazing scents. Firstly, the Vera Wang Princess perfume is just divineLook at that bottle design! Tacky you say? How dare you!! It is MAGICAL! You’ll be well aware of my love of Disney princesses at this stage, so this bottle just drew me in with its gorgeous heart shape, and the little gold and purple bejewelled crown for a lid. I mean really, I’d love it for the packaging alone. But the scent is beautiful, a lovely sheer fruity and floral blend, that makes me think ‘yes, this is what a Disney princess would smell like!’ It’s not in the slightest bit overpowering as you may expect by the wow factor of the bottle, its a lovely light scent that lasts all day. I’ve been getting tons of compliments from friends and family since I’ve been drowning myself in this recently. Winner.

Then next up for a nice daily body spray (cos ya know, sometimes you have to keep your perfumes for ‘good use’ and keep body sprays for everyday use- like Bill in the post office can have a waft of my body spray, but I’ll save my good perfume for the barman in the local on Friday night, eh?) its the Victoria Secret Tropical Nights Fragrance Mist. I picked this up on a visit to the States ages ago, and pulled it out of my stash recently, and instantly fell back in love. It’s such a gorgeous tropical fruity, yet slightly musky scent, that transports me to a Spanish Isle, where I’m strolling in the summer breeze along the sand (can you tell I daydream a lot?) Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, Victoria’s Secret in the US has sort of revamped their ‘Fantasies’ range of body products, so this mist, and this general style of body spray aren’t available there anymore. However, I’ve spotted these in Superdrug stores and maybe when Victoria’s Secret launches in Dublin (I believe it’s arriving soon to Grafton Street) they may have this scent or similar. Anyways, I’m loving it right now. 


My recent film favourite has to be The Jungle Book! Disney have created a live action version of the old animated classic, but with a major difference. Gone are the hilarious musical numbers (this one just has 2 short musical scenes) and this time, things are a whole lot darker. Basically, it follows the original tale of how Mowgli is left in the jungle as a baby, raised by a pack of wolves, until Shere Khan the tiger vows to kill the man cub, so Mowgli has to make his way back to the ‘man village’ It follows all his adventures on the way, but I must stress, this is not for small kids who are prone to any kind of sensitivity. I found parts of this movie so incredibly thrilling yet scary, particularly the character of King Louis, who in the animated film is a bit threatening, but likeable too. In this live action version, Christopher Walken is the voice of this absolutely frighteningly powerful gigantic Orangutan. The scenes in King Louis castle are simply amazing. The only human actor is Neel Seethi, an amazing child actor who played the perfect Mowgli, exactly like the animated classic, a brave yet fun loving little boy. If you haven’t seen this yet, cast any thoughts you may have about Disney aside and just go to see it, you will love it!


Finally, it was tough to choose a current music favourite, as I always find tons of great songs in summer time, but I’ve had to go with the one song that I’ve been blaring in my car every time it comes on the radio, and hollering along thinking I’m on stage duetting wth the man himself. Yup, James Bay is back with the brilliant ‘Best Fake Smile’ which is just a fantastic little ditty altogether. I’m rather rubbish at describing songs but I will say, even recently when feeling rather miserable and sorry for myself while being off sick, I couldn’t help but smile and bop away (to the best of my abilities being somewhat crippled with pain) every time this came on the radio. So click the video above and turn up the volume, sit back and listen to this fantastic song, which will surely become one of your Summer ’16 anthems. You can thank me later.

So there you have it, some of my recent favourites! What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below! 

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9 thoughts on “Some Recent Favourites: Beauty, Fashion, Film & Music!

  1. beautybyjessblog says:

    Seriously are we twins? Almost everything you love I’m obsessed with too! Especially the Vera Wang perfume! I’ve been using the Princess Night perfume lately as well and that’s even more gorgeous! Sort of like the sexier older sister of Princess xoxo

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