Birchbox UK June 2016 ‘Paradise Found’


It’s that time of the month again- Birchbox time! My Birchbox and Glossybox were both delivered on the same day this month, so you can check out a review of my Glossybox here!. Along with the M&S Summer Beauty Box I posted about yesterday, its turning into beauty box central around here this week! Anyway, I got my dispatch email for Birchbox on June 4th, yet it only arrived today June 14th. A little bit disappointing, as I’d seen UK subscribers posting about it from June 6th onwards, and it was so annoying having to wait around for mine!


I loved the design of this month’s box, with the palm tree illustration, the gorgeous summery colours and slide out drawer detail, instead of the usual box design. I think Birchbox should definitely look at redesigning their boxes to be this drawer style, as they could then become stackable and a great way to store your products! This box contains 5 products which are billed as being essential for sunny days. Let’s take a closer look….


First up is the Monuspa Enriched Body Cream in a 40ml sample bottle. I swear I could smell the scent of this from outside the outer cardboard box when I took it from the postman! I have previously tried another Monuspa product from Glossybox, and really liked it, so this was a nice addition. It has a really lovely citrus, essential oils fragrance, and the formula is light and easily absorbed on the skin. But body creams don’t really float my boat, so this isn’t something I’m overly excited about receiving, as it’ll probably end up thrown in the back of a drawer.


Next up was the Ainy Skincare Pure Lumiere Gommage Purete Eclat Visage. This is a 20ml sample tube of a gentle face scrub which promises to leave your skin smooth and radiant. I will give this a try, but again, it’s something I find it a bit difficult to get excited about, as it’s a teeny sample, and I did receive a teeny sample scrub from Birchbox only a few months ago. I just wish the size was a bit bigger to get a better idea of how much I like or dislike the product.


The only hair care item included was the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle Leave in Conditioner. This wonder spray claims to detangle, de-frizz, add shine, protect against heat and safeguard colour, along with smelling like candyfloss. What more does a girl need, eh? I am pleased to receive this, but its the third time I’ve gotten one of these leave in conditioner type sprays in a Birchbox within 5 months. I would’ve preferred a different type of product instead as I’m still using leave in conditioner sprays from previous boxes!


More skin care, with the Absolution Le Nettoyant Pureté, in a 15ml tube. Again, I’m not overly excited about receiving a teeny tube of cleanser. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy skincare items immensely, but these teeny tubes never last me that long, surely a slightly bigger sample could have been provided? This is a gentle gel cleanser with natural ingredients which remove dirt and grime, reducing redness and irritation. I’ll probably take this away with me on holidays, and hope this little sample lasts a whole week!


Finally, the only makeup item included is the Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator. Now, I sighed when I opened the box and saw the cardboard envelope, as I know that they usually contain piddly little samples, and I wasnt wrong. This 0.04oz tube is fairly miniscule, which is a bit crap. This is a cream formula that delivers a subtle sheen which has a pearlescent finish, which I think will be lovely for mixing with foundation, or for use on cheekbones, browbones and cupids bow for a natural glowing look. It does look like a great product, it’s just a pity it comes in such a miniature tube that will be gone in no time.

So, do I sound pretty negative throughout this post? I have to say, I feel pretty let down this month. It just seems like I was sent a selection of random products just thrown together, all of which are just a bit…meh. I’ve seen other subscribers this month receiving POP eyeshadow trios, full-sized Eyeko eyeliners and Stila lip glazes, whereas I’ve got a mix of teeny samples despite paying the same €17 subscription fee as everyone else. Will I continue my subscription to Birchbox? Well, at the moment I’m not too sure, especially compared to the contents of this month’s Glossybox (more on that tomorrow!) 

Are you subscribed to Birchbox? Did you get anything different in your box this month? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in signing up to Birchbox you can do so here. By using my link you will receive £5 worth of points to spend in store 🙂 If you’re a student you can get 25% off your first box (just scroll down to the bottom right hand corner to check it out!)

To see more of my previous Birchbox posts you can check out the Birchbox Category.

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14 thoughts on “Birchbox UK June 2016 ‘Paradise Found’

  1. Francesc_ahhh says:

    That leave in conditioner is fab! It was my favourite thing Birchbox ever sent me. But I feel your pain, I quite BB because I was fed up of the teeny tiny samples.
    Looking forward to the Glossybox review. X

    • Just My Look says:

      I’ve heard good things about the conditioner, its the only thing I’m happy with! I’ll pop up the Glossybox review tomorrow- lets just say it was waaaaay better 🙂 x

  2. Audrone says:

    I completely agree about drawer style box. It would be so convenient if birchbox made it as permanent design. I received the same cleanser in my May box and without much thinking it just ended on the side for now and I’ll take it on my trip in September.
    I hope you’ll receive something really good next month 🙂

  3. hanabanana91 says:

    I got the same hair care product as you but I also got ritual shower foam, Huygen face scrub Percy & Reed hairspray and a small sample of Benefit’s Highbeam. I got my glossybox order I’ve posted it up ^_^ can’t wait to see what you got I like to see how different some propels subscription boxes are x

  4. Chloe Styled says:

    I really like the style of your box – the palm trees are so cute! You’re right about the silly sized samples though, i had been sent an eye cream and had about enough product for one eye! I’m not sure how they expected me to decide if I liked it based on that! xx

  5. classyirishgal says:

    Didn’t receive the leave in conditioner, instead got a hair mask which was very disappointing as I only got one use out of it. Still optimistic for the next one but would have to agree with you about the quantity.

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