Yes…. I’ve been shopping again! Clothing & Random Haul :)

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I don’t need to even add a disclaimer here, you guys know I’m addicted to shopping. Since being off work sick, I’ve been following my Physiotherapist’s advice and taking regular short walks… around the shops… to spend all my money *hangs head in shame* So I thought you guys might like to see some of the items I picked up!


First up, a bit of a random one, but I picked up this rather large canvas print in Dunnes Stores, with the idea of putting it up in my beauty room (yes, I have converted my box room into a makeup room) I thought this was a really cute print and I loved the sparkly writing on it. Plus, this quote is perfect for me, as it is the story of my life, weekends are never long enough for me! This was in the sale for only €5 which I thought was a bit of a bargain. I’m currently doing up the ‘Beauty Room’ but if you’d like to see a post on it when it’s completed, do let me know!


If you’re not from Ireland, you may not recognise this, but I’m a Dublin GAA Football season ticket holder. So when they released a Dublin new jersey, I had to pick it up. It’s a different style than other recent jerseys, but I’m happy with the change, the lighter blue and white details are pretty nice (although I know that white collar is going to be covered in makeup straight away!) I bought the children’s size 10-11 as it fits me perfectly (I usually wear a size 8) and I like to wear them fitted instead of buying a mens size, as for some reason I can never find ladies versions in any sports shops around? Anyway, this was €45 but I’m a Three Mobile customer, and on the 3 Plus App they offer 20% off in Elverys Sports, so I got it for the bargainous price of €36. I was thrilled, as the adults sizes retail at €65. So if you’re looking for sportswear, try Elverys and use the 3 Plus App in store and online to save a few bob 🙂


Sticking with blue clothing, I spotted this lovely vest top in Dunnes Stores, and had to pick it up. I think it’ll be so nice with white jeans or denim shorts, and you can easily dress it up too for evening wear. This was a bargain at €10. Here’s hoping we get some nice weather so I can show it off!


Also in Dunnes Stores, I picked up this little random item, an insulated lunch bag! I just thought it was a really cute way to carry my lunch into work, and I like how it is like a cooler bag, so it will help keep things cold inside if we decide to go off for an al fresco lunch somewhere! This was €4, which I thought was a good price.


I love casual clothes, I’m a big fan of feeling comfy, so I love wearing sweatpants and t-shirts with trainers. So when I spotted these grey tracksuit bottoms in GAP, I knew I had to have them. They’re so comfy to wear, and I love the cuffed detail on the bottom. I chose to get these in an XS so they’d be a little bit more fitted, and they look really good on. These were reduced to €17 in the sale, which was a steal!


My boyfriend very kindly picked this mug up for me in Next, as I’m tea obsessed, and have a slight compulsion for collecting mugs. Anyway, I love the little ‘Queen of everything’ slogan, and have been reaching for this for my morning cuppa every day! I really love all the homeware items from Next, I wish I had the money to kit my house out in everything from there!


The next thing I picked up was this pretty top from TK Maxx. I never even look at the clothes in TK Maxx as I find it so overwhelming, but my auntie spotted this top for me and made me try it on. I instantly loved it, it’s such a pretty design, I love the blue and white stripes, and the lovely detail around the top. I think it will look great with denim shorts and sandals on holidays. This was €16.


Finally, back to Dunnes Stores, where I spotted this cute Snow White nightie. I had to have it, as you know I love Disney so much, I have to collect anything and everything Disney inspired! Now that the nights are getting warmer, I’m wearing nightshirts and lighter pyjamas to bed, and I thought this was a great find, even better as it was reduced to €10 in the sale!

Now, I’d love to say that’s all I bought, but I’d be lying. I have several more recent purchases for another Haul post, so keep your eyes peeled, as it will be up soon. Yes, I know my spending is bordering on the ridiculous, but I’ve been off work ill for 6 weeks now, I need to find some way to spend my days eh 😉  If you’re interested, I also have a recent Primark Haul post here.

Have you been shopping lately? Let me know what you’ve picked up in the comments below!

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