Why I Cancelled My Birchbox Subscription….


You guys will know that I’m a long time Glossybox subscriber, and you may remember that earlier this year I signed up for a Birchbox subscription, as they launched in Ireland in February. I’d been reading about Birchbox on UK blogs for years, so I was excited that us Irish gals were finally getting the opportunity to sign up to another beauty box service! However, it didn’t really float my boat at all, and after a rather rubbish offering in the June box, I cancelled my subscription after 5 short months.


Why? Well, lets break it down here….

Very Slow Shipping: This was my major gripe with Birchbox. I mentioned it from the first month onwards, their shipping speed was really desperate altogether. For a tiny box that was being sent from across the pond in the UK, it took a ridiculous amount of time to reach me here in Dublin. On most occasions, I was waiting around 2 weeks after dispatch to receive my box, whereas UK subscribers were receiving theirs 2 days after they were sent out! This was really annoying.

Spoilers: As I mentioned above, as UK customers were receiving their boxes up to 10 days ahead of me, I was finding it impossible to avoid spoilers as the different box contents were splashed all across social media for me to see. Also, Birchbox release the month’s possible contents on their website before the box is dispatched, so subscribers are able to check out what items they might receive that month. However, on more than one occasion, I didn’t get any of the items advertised, which was pretty disappointing. I prefer the suprise element which you get with Glossybox, as it’s much more exciting!


Cost: I was on a rolling monthly subscription plan, meaning every month the fee was taken from my bank account. The cost was usually between €16.80-€17.80 varying on the currency conversion rates with Sterling (maybe with the whole Brexit ordeal Irish customers may get theirs a bit cheaper?) Now, I think €17 is a reasonable price to pay for a beauty box including shipping, but comparing it to Glossybox which is around the same price, well Birchbox just couldn’t compare.For me, the contents weren’t worth the money most of the time. Apart from woefully slow shipping, the product sizes just didn’t cut the mustard….

Product Sizes: Now, I was well aware when I signed up to Birchbox that the products I received would be mainly sample or travel sizes. I was ok with that, as I knew Birchbox sent out a lot of really good brands like Benefit and Caudalie, so I was happy to receive deluxe sample sizes of these kind of products. However, I don’t think I was prepared for the positively miniscule size of some of the items I received. Seriously a 0.04oz sized tube of highlighter isn’t gonna be much use is it? Not to mention the odd sachet or teeny vials of lotion I was also sent. I just felt that sometimes, for the €17 price tag, the product sizes were pretty piddly.


Product Variety: Well, there was always a good mix of products, and different brands which was good. The same brands weren’t always repeated, but when they were, they were always decent items for example Benefit and Spectrum products. Most boxes came with 5 (sometimes 6) items, usually with 1 or 2 makeup items, skincare, haircare & bodycare. I also enjoyed how there were sometimes brushes or tools included too. The only slight disappointment in the product variety was that within 5 months I received 3 sample sized leave in conditioner sprays, from different brands, but basically the same product.

Within the 5 months, I received 29 samples from Birchbox. 6 haircare products, 9 makeup items, 6 skincare products, 4 bodycare items, and 5 other random items such as hairbands, sponges, brushes, pillow sprays etc. Out of those 29 items, 5 of them were full-sized. Now, that’s not bad, but to put it into perspective, within the same 5 month period I received 28 products from Glossybox, 19 of which were full sized items.


So for the above reasons, I decided to cancel my Birchbox subscription. As much as I loved the surprise element each month; I found that I was disappointed more often than not, and that I was not getting many uses from the tiny samples before they ran out. It just didn’t feel like money well spent.

However, I will say that there were some really good aspects to Birchbox, such as the inclusion of well-known brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Caudalie and The Balm. I have discovered some really great items from Birchbox, such as the LOC Shadow Stick, the Model Co Brow Gel, and the Spectrum brushes. I also liked how Birchbox changed the design of the box every month, collaborating with brands, and creating different box styles like the June edition which was a drawer type box, which is great for storing your products in.

Another seeminly good thing about Birchbox is how they award you points for reviewing the products in your box, and these points are redeemable against items in the Birchbox store, which is great as you can buy the full sizes of your samples, or other items from really good brands. However, the snail’s pace continues with their online store, as before I cancelled my subscription, I redeemed my £30 worth of points against some products in the store. This was over 2 weeks ago, and the order is still processing, which is just another indicator of their pretty crap service. 


Perhaps if I wasn’t already subscribed to Glossybox I would be a bit more impressed with Birchbox. Yes, as I’ve mentioned, there are alot of good aspects to Birchbox, but for me, the bad outweighs the good, and I’d rather keep my €17 each month to treat myself to something I really want in Boots or Penneys instead!

Are you subscribed to Birchbox? Have you had better experiences than me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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If you are still interested in signing up to Birchbox you can do so here.


31 thoughts on “Why I Cancelled My Birchbox Subscription….

  1. ramblingmads says:

    I go back and forth with both Birchbox and Glossybox every month, some are great, some utterly rubbish. I’ve cancelled some boxes I’ve tried because they weren’t value for money but every time I think ‘right that’s it, cancelling’ – the box quality improves dramatically.

    • Just My Look says:

      I know that’s my fear! From the spoiler I got the July Birchbox looks kinda good! I just have to keep telling myself that one subscription box is enough for me!x

  2. MyBeautyJourney says:

    I was just considering signing up for Birchbox, but I’m glad I read your review first! I live in the US, so the shipping wouldn’t be an issue, but those tiny samples are even smaller than I thought they would be!

    • Just My Look says:

      Yeah they’re so teeny! I’ve also heard that the US Birchbox is undergoing changes where u can’t redeem the points in the same way, I think subscribers were pretty annoyed as it meant they couldn’t do as many reviews or something! I way prefer Glossybox anyway! Thanks for reading x

  3. Jessica says:

    I cancelled my birch box for the exact same reason, I just was not impressed by it for the price! However, I was lucky to get fast shipping on mine xx

    • Just My Look says:

      Yeah I think they really let their Irish subscribers down with the slow shipping. Glossybox get the boxes to us pretty fast so I don’t know how Birchbox can’t! But overall it’s just not worth the money. Do u subscribe to any other boxes?x

      • Jessica says:

        It’s ridiculous considering what you pay! Glad glossybox works for you! And I haven’t sadly, birchbox really put me off! X

  4. beautyandtidbits says:

    I live in the US and cancelled my BirchBox finally. I have literally never been impressed with a box. All the samples were small, nothing I would ever use, and there was no way they went off the beauty profile thing you have to fill out. I am also not too happy with their point system change.

  5. emaalymaae says:

    I cancelled this month for the same reason! I definitely needed a break, maybe I’ll go back in the future but I was getting really bored with the sample selection.

  6. laurensian101 says:

    I cancelled my Birchbox for the same reasons too! At the time I subscribed to Glossybox as well. I just thought the products seemed tiny a lot of the time, and as you said, didn’t seem worth the price tag! Shipping wasn’t an issue for me but I can definitely see where you’re coming from! Great post xx

    • Just My Look says:

      Yeah it just isn’t worth the money. I love Glossybox but it is a bit annoying that they don’t send out familiar brands, as I’ve often wanted to repurchase something only to find it’s not available in Ireland!x

  7. alittledashofbeauty says:

    Cancelled my birchbox back in December because I just got sick of having sample tubes everywhere, and I found I looked forward to my glossybox more than my birchbox. I think I gave away more birchbox stuff than I actually used :/

  8. littleburch says:

    This sums up my experience with Birchbox too. Twice I had to contact them as my box didn’t arrive, there was a lot of repetition – I always seemed to get hair care products, and there wasn’t enough full sized items. However, I do love the LOC eye colour, the Model Own Eyebrow Gel and the Unicorn Make Up Egg sponge. I cancelled my box this month but might check out glossybox. Great post, by the way!

    • Just My Look says:

      Thanks! Yeah I’m glad I’m not the only one who had these problems as it seemed like every blogger loved Birchbox! If you’re interested in Glossybox they have 50% off for 24 hours with the code PAYDAY50 so you could try the July box cheap, it has 5 full sized items, they emailed me about it this morning! Not sure if the details are on their own site yet but they often send the news to subscribers first x


  9. Audrone says:

    I completely understand your reasoning. I see no reason to keep paying for something that you are not happy about especially if you have an alternative which is so much better for you.

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