HUGE Fashion & Homeware Haul feat. Primark, New Look & Tons More!

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Yup, there has beenΒ some more hauling over here on Just My Look. At this stage I’ve given up on disclaimers about my spending, you all know I just like things. All I can say is this collective haul has occurred over the last 4 weeks or so, not just in one big spree…. Anyways, let’s get cracking, as there’s ALOT to talk about!

First stop is Penneys (which is the Irish name for Primark) where I picked up a few bits…


Yup, I’ve picked up another Snow White nightie. You’ll have seen from my last haul that I got a nice one in Dunnes Stores, but that didn’t stop me buying this one in Penneys! I just love the whole Evil Queen design on it, and the scared Snow White print, along with the pink and white colours. I picked this up in a size small, but after wearing it a few times I wish I’d gone for a bigger size to wear it a little baggier for comfort. This was €10.


Yup, this is TMI cos I’m sure nobody wants to see my pants, but I got these cute Little Miss & Mr. Men boypants in Penneys for the bargain price of 50 cent. They’re so comfy, and I always loved Mr. Men when I was a kid, so I thought why not, eh? Can’t beat a nice pair of comfy pants πŸ˜›


More childish items, this time it was this cute Mickey Mouse tee. I love the brownish/purple colour, and the striped design on the sleeves, along with the understated Mickey logo on the chest. Seriously, I cannot get enough of Primark’s Disney tops. This was €8. I’d like to say this will be the last Disney tee that I buy for a while, but with the deposit finally being placed on my 2017 Orlando trip, I know I’ll continue to buy Disney clothing for the next few months!


Next up, are some shoes that I knew I needed as soon as I spotted them on social media, so when I saw them in store I practically grabbed them and sprinted to the tills! I just adore these beautiful embroidered heels, the design is just so pretty! Now they’re quite high and let’s face it, with the whole pointed toe and stiletto heel, I know these are not gonna be too comfy. But I think they’ll be really nice worn with a simple cami top and a pair of skinny jeans, as a statement heel. These were a great price at €22!


I also picked them up in this beige/nude colour too. It’s the same style, but I thought the lighter colour would be nice for wearing in the summer and will go with different outfits than the black ones. And basically, I found it hard to decide which ones I preferred, so I got both!


Next stop, New Look, where I picked up this nice cream crop top. I was instantly drawn to the cute floral lace design, and I thought it would match really wellΒ with my grey maxi skirt from BooHoo. I have already worn this while on holiday in Spain, and it works so well with the long skirt, which is high-waisted, so not too much of my belly is on show. I can’t remember how much this cost, I think it was around €12. I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of this one!


Also in New Look, I spotted some Copper items on their Homeware Sale stand and zoomed right in on the candle holders. From previous hauls, you’ll know I love Copper homeware items, and I am candle obsessed, so I had to pick up these cute little tealight holders for my living room. The teeny little tealight holders were reduced to €1.25 for the set, and I think they’ll be perfect for around my fireplace. The trio of glass tealight holders were *I think* €6, which is also a great price. I’m not sure where I’ll place these, as I have a ridiculous amount of candles and tealight holders dotted all around my living room as it is at the moment!


Next stop, Tiger (or Flying Tiger as I believe is its new rebranded title) where I picked up some random useless items. I got this little metal shopping trolley, which I think is meant to be a desk tidy, but I thought it would work well for taking blog photos. I also got this pack of mini wooden pegs, which I’ve actually bought before, for hanging photos and other things on a string in my house. I think the trolley was €4 and the pegs were €2.


Next up, I popped into Dunnes Stores and spotted this basic grey cardigan hanging on the sale rail. I already own the same type of cardi in burgundy that I picked up in the January sales,Β so I knew how comfy this one would be. The grey colour means it will go with so much in my wardrobe, and I love the nice long length. This was €10 in the sale.


Next stop Pull & Bear, where I spotted this cute slogan tee. I like the loose baggy style, and think it’ll be cute for wearing with leggings or jeans. It would be a perfect gym tee (if I actually ever did any exercise…) but for me it’ll probably be perfect for a bad day in work! This was €7.99.


While I was in Spain, I found a Bershka store near to our hotel, and with a big sale going on, I had to pop inside and check it out! I saw so much stuff that I liked, but with luggage restrictions I had to keep my haul small. So although it was tough, I stayed away from all the cute shorts, playsuits and dresses that I knew I’d never get to wear in Ireland (let’s face it, our summer is the same as our winter!) so I picked up these 2 cute sweaters. I love the slogan on the first one, and the really nice wine colour will look nice with jeans and trainers. Then I chose the basic grey as it will also go with jeans, or my black and white Adidas tracksuit bottoms. These were a great price at €5.99 each!


Also in Spain, I spotted this popcorn bucket in the window of a novelty shop, and had to pick it up. I love any cute American style accessories like this, and as it reminded me of a popcorn bucket that Zack Morris would’ve munched from at the moviesΒ on Saved By The Bell, I had to pick it up. This was about €2.5o, which was a steal. I cannot wait to fill it with my favourite combination of microwave popcorn with butter, mixed with Malteasers. Delish!


Another random somewhat pointless purchase were these storage boxes that I picked up from TK Maxx. I loved the pink and mint colours mixed with rose gold, and I think they will be great in my ‘Beauty Room’ for storing makeup and other bits and bobs in, on my shelves. I think the smaller pink box was €6.99 and the larger green one €8.99 or thereabouts!


Also in TK Maxx I rather randomly chose this clipboard with 12 different prints of inspiring quotes, that you can mix and match to display somehow. In my mind I was like oh it’ll look great in Instagram posts (sad, but true) but I hope to display these on my shelves in my beauty room too. I think this was around €8.


Finally, I didn’t buy this, but I won it on a competition on the Celtic Candles Facebook page. I’ve mentioned my love for Celtic Candles before, so I was so pleased to get my hands on this! It’s such a cute birdcage style candle holder that has 4 little glass jars inside to pop some tealights in. I think it’s really pretty and girly, I love it! Now I just need to find a space in my house for it. This was worth €30, so it was a great win for me!

So, that’s the lot. Can I just say, well done if you actually made it to the end of this ridiculously long post! I have some more haul posts coming up, focused on makeup and beauty items, as I’ve been pretty spendy in the cosmetics section recently!

Have you guys been shopping lately? Let me know what you’ve picked up in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “HUGE Fashion & Homeware Haul feat. Primark, New Look & Tons More!

  1. Audrone says:

    Wow! What a haul! I love how the shoes look like but I promised myself never again Primark shoes. I have a real trouble finding shoes which fit me and tried shoes from Primark once. The most uncomfortable shoes and lasted like 2 or 3 weeks only 😦 I’d rather pay more but have something better quality because I spend practically every day all day long on my feet.
    Bird cage candle holder is absolutely beautiful!

      • Pots of Tea says:

        Oh that’s good to know. I’ll save my feet from the torture. If only I had a shoe closet in which I could display these shoes, then I’d totally get them, just so that I could look at them everyday!

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