Glossybox UK October 2016 ‘Estée Lalonde Edition’

Hi there, remember me? It’s been a pretty long time without any blog posts on Just My Look, and for that I apologise. I kinda got stuck in a blogging rut, then I went away for a fortnight to London and Las Vegas, so this little space of the internet remained unloved for about a month. However, I’m now back and have plenty of posts planned, so expect things to get a bit livelier around here from now on! Anyways, on to one of my favourite things to talk about: Glossybox! 


This month’s edition was a collaboration with blogger and YouTuber Estée Lalonde. Estée is a hugely successful Canadian beauty and lifestyle blogger, who is based in the UK. I have followed her from her Essie Button days, when she was one of my favourite beauty gurus. Now, I’m not gonna lie, she’s kinda slipped down my list of favourites since she left her Essie Button persona behind and became all grown up as Estée. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, everyone grows up, but I do feel that she has gone on a fairly ‘too cool for school’ hipster kinda path, which doesn’t always interest me, but I do still watch her videos from time to time. Anyway, when I heard that this month’s box was a collaboration with Estée, I was looking forward to discovering some great brands and products that Estée herself loves, but well… something didn’t feel quite right, let’s dig in shall we?


Ok, so the most intriguing product was the one billed as the *mystery sixth item* which is supposed to be a new hair hero. Now, I’ve yet to try this out, as I only arrived home from holiday last night to the box waiting for me, but I’m really excited to give it a whirl. On first impressions, it smells divine, and I’ve been trying to guess what brand it could possibly be. My only idea so far is that it may be a Head & Shoulders shampoo, as the bottle design is similar to their usual style, and it’s made by Proctor and Gamble, their parent company. Also, in the information leaflet this is described as being ‘unbeatable at caring for the scalp’ which is another clue that points towards Head & Shoulders. Either way, I’m gonna give it a go tomorrow and hope it works out well. Estée herself will be announcing the true identity of the product next week, so I don’t have long to wait!


Next up, is the Bee Good Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator. We’ve had products from this brand in Glossybox before, the products are made by British bees, and the formula is free from parabens, synthetic colours, mineral oil, silicone, SLS or SLES. So it sounds all good for sensitive skin types eh? Again, I’ve not tried this out, only on the back of my hand, but the formula seems to have just the right amount of scrubby particles, and a gorgeous natural fragrance. My skin is a bit all over the place from all my recent travelling, so I’m dying to try this out!


Sticking with skin care, next up, I received the Drops of Youth Concentrate from The Body Shop. Now, I saw this and I was a bit like, oh whatever. We had a similar sample from The Body Shop a couple of months ago, and its a bit annoying to have another little vial of serum with the words ‘free sample’ on the back popped into my box, when other subscribers got pretty decent Rituals and Nuxe products instead. Anyway, this feels like a nice lightweight serum that I should get some use from, but I’m not overly fussed on anti-ageing products, and I’m disappointed I didn’t get one of the better options instead. Oh well, that’s the name of the game I guess.


On to makeup, and the first item was the Secret Flush Soothing Cream Blusher & Lip Stain Duo in the shade Nectar, from Universal Beauty Cosmetics. This is a nice dinky little product in really cute packaging, and it’s a really nice pinky peach shade with a subtle hint of shimmer, that could be seen as a dupe for the infamous Orgasm multiple from NARS. I really like cream cheek products, but I don’t think I’d use this on my lips really. Also, cream products are something I get more use from in the summer, when I’m going for a lighter and more dewy look, so I would’ve loved to have received this a couple of months back. I’ve noticed that it is a bit heavily scented, which I don’t think will work for those subscribers with particularly sensitive skin. I shall give this a go, and report back.


Next up is the Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait, it doesn’t have a shade name. Anyway, how beautiful is that packaging. I saw it and I was like oh em effing gee I love that, how cool will it be when I whip it out of my handbag and show it off to all my beauty loving friends. Then I popped the lid off, and saw the shade and my heart just sank a little. At first it looks like a lovely pretty nude shade, but upon application to the lips it just looked as if I’d dipped my mouth in foundation. Not a good look for me. It’s very pale for my skin type, but the formula is nice and smooth and it feels very comfortable on the lips. I’m hoping that maybe I can salvage it with the help of a decent lip liner or lip gloss, but I’m not sure. If only the shade had been better, I’d have been completely head over heels.


Finally, the last addition was the PS…Pro Graphic Eyeliner. Yup, Glossybox have gone and done it, they’ve included a Primark item in their box. Now, I think there may have been quite a lot of negativity online regarding the inclusion of such an affordable brand, but hey, you guys know I adore Primark, so I was happy enough with the inclusion of one of their beauty products. There were 6 different items from PS…Pro sent out, and truthfully, I wish I’d received the primer or translucent powder that I’ve seen other customers got instead. However, felt tip eyeliners are something I use (and already have an abundance of unfortunately) so I will give this a bash. The only thing scaring me slightly is the nib. I mean seriously, look at how fat that is, I’m scared I’ll be totally panda eyed if I attempt to line my lids with this! I’ve swatched it a couple of times and I must say, it’s pretty decently pigmented, and lasts really long on the skin (I’m talking several hand washes with soap and this stuff was still there- which may be a problem trying to remove it from your eyes at the end of the day!) I would welcome more additions from Primark in my box, for me Glossybox is all about beauty discovery, and it’s nice to receive a mixture of high-end and high street products.


Swatches L-R: PS…Pro Eyeliner, Universal Beauty Blusher, Trifle Cosmetics Lip Parfait.

So, that’s the lot! Was I impressed with this month’s edition? Well yeah….ish. For me, it was a decent balance of hair care, skin care and makeup, but I was disappointed I got a teeny sample from The Body Shop instead of other options. However, something that really struck a chord with me was the whole ‘Estée Lalonde collaboration.’ This isn’t the first time Glossybox have teamed up with a blogger, most notably the Really Ree edition last December was fantastic. What I liked about the Really Ree box was that I felt Ree herself had trialled and enjoyed the products, she also did a lot of social media chat, blog posts and YouTube videos about the Glossybox at the time of release, which was great. This time around, well I don’t want to sound horrible, but the Estée collaboration just feels like its been thrown together just to promote her book. These products don’t feel like the type of items that she chats about on her blog or channel, and even the piece on the information card seems like it’s just been typed up to promote her book. Apart from an Instagram post, I haven’t seen anything else from Estée promoting this Glossybox, she has yet to blog or do a video on it? I dunno, maybe I’m being overly cynical, but it feels like she’s just added her name to this, whereas when Really Ree was an ambassador, she seemed alot more enthusiastic about it. But, maybe I’m wrong, it just doesn’t feel like anything special to me.

Anyway, I don’t wanna sound overly negative, I am looking forward to trialling out every product within this Glossybox, and I will most definitely be keeping up my subscription, I love getting my box of goodies in the post every month!

Did you get this month’s Glossybox? What are your thoughts on the contents? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in signing up for Glossybox you can do so here, and by using my link you can get 20% off!

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8 thoughts on “Glossybox UK October 2016 ‘Estée Lalonde Edition’

  1. hstylblog says:

    I didn’t get the eyeliner. I got a mascara instead! I tried the shampoo this morning and wasn’t a fan. Had to wash it out with weightless shampoo instead. Yet to try everything else!

  2. beautyholics101 says:

    Lovely post. And I completely agree with what you were saying about it being a little thrown together to promote her book. That’s kind of disappointing, but at least you got some nice products 🙂

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