Primark Clothing & Accessories Haul (featuring ALOT of Disney!)

You guys know the drill, I love Penneys. It is by far my favourite place to shop, so when I recently visited London, I had to pay a visit to Primark, as although we have an amazing selection in Penneys stores here, our British sister stores have quite a lot of items that can’t be found on the Emerald Isle. And you guys know how much I love Disney, so it was a great excuse to stock up on the Disney items that aren’t available in Penneys. Let’s dive right in shall we?


Firstly, I had my eye on these shoes after spotting them online a couple of months ago, so I was thrilled to find they still had some on my visit to the Oxford Street store in October. I can’t remember the exact price but I think these were around £18. I love the whole criss-cross strap design, with the gold heel, and there’s also a zip and tassle detail on the back (which I forgot to photograph, D’oh!) These are pretty high, but I’ve worn them and they’re actually pretty comfy. Gotta love Primark shoes!


Next up, I spotted this cute little navy velvet bag. Now, velvet isn’t usually my kinda thing, but I really liked the navy and gold design of this bag, and its a nice small size, which I thought would be great for bringing out and about during the party season. I’ve seen far more expensive alternatives to this in the likes of Topshop, so for £7, I thought this was an amazing find.


Up next, I found this cute little suede style khaki skirt. It was a complete bargain at only £6, and I’ve worn it already, with the heels I showed you above, and a cream cami top. I reckon I’ll get plenty of wear out of this in Autumn/Winter, with tights and boots, or on nights out with heels. Really pleased with this one!


I could not leave this scarf behind. Everyone knows Primark/Penneys do amazing scarves, and this one was no exception. Firstly, I love the mix of colours, they will go so well with most of my jackets and coats. Secondly, its oh so soft and cosy, and massive, a true blanket scarf. Thirdly, it was £4. Yup. Amazeballs.


I have to apologise for the rubbish quality of this photo. This cardigan was a bugger to photograph. I picked this up as we were venturing on to Las Vegas after London, so I wanted a cosy cardi to wear on the long haul flight. This is one of those waterfall style knits, and is so soft and slouchy, it was perfect teamed with leggings and a tee for a comfortable outfit for travelling. This was £12, and worth every penny. I know I will get tons of wear from it this winter!


Two random bits I needed for travel were also picked up, the travel pillow was lovely and soft and perfect for my long flight. I think it was around £4. And I also picked up this charging cable for £2.50 at the tills, as it was handy to have in my bag with my little portable charger for my iPhone & camera!

Now, if you’re not a Disney fan, click out now… cos here comes a whole lotta random Disney merchandise!


I could not leave this one behind. I adore Toy Story, so when I spotted this cool nightshirt, I grabbed it and flung it into my basket at the speed of light. I love the whole ‘Toys Are Back In Town’ slogan, and how it features Slinky & Rex, as you don’t usually see those guys on ladies merchandise! I also love the whole Andy’s wallpaper clouds design, It’s just fab for a Disney Dork like me. It’s really comfortable to wear, and was a bargain at £5. A girl can never have too many Disney pyjamas, eh?


I picked up this stackable set of Disney rings in the rose gold colour, as I wanted some Disney jewellery for my trip to Walt Disney World next year. I like how you can wear these rings all on one finger, or on their own either. They’re a cute subtle way to wear Disney jewellery, with the simply Mickey design. I wear a lot of rose gold jewellery, so these should match in perfectly. A great find at £2.50.


Next up were these necklaces. I chose a rose gold and silver diamanté style, as I couldn’t choose between them! Again, these will be perfect for Florida, and will add some Disney style to a plain outfit. These were £3 each.


Again, I couldn’t choose between silver or rose gold, so I got both! Same idea here really, some cute Disney earrings to wear on my Orlando trip (and at home too let’s be honest) and such a bargain at £2.50 for 3 pairs per set!


Next up, some random Disney home accessories. I picked up these little wall hangings, as I thought the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ one was perfect for my kitchen door, as anyone who knows me will be well aware how much I love tea and tea parties, so it fits in great in my home. I just loved the quote ‘If you can dream it, you can do it’ on the Minnie ears plaque, and I thought it would be perfect for on the wall in my beauty room. And finally, the little Mickey shaped chalkboard shall be kept for Christmas, as I plan to use it as a countdown board for how many sleeps there are to Christmas! I can’t remember the exact prices of these, but I think they were all priced between £1.50-£2.


Finally, sticking with Christmas; I picked up some Disney baubles! I had a lot of Disney decorations on my tree last year, but I’m thinking this year, I may need 2 trees in my home, one dedicated to Disney, and one regular one, as I have so many decorations and not enough space to put them all up! These sets were great value at £4 each. I’m sure I’ll pick up some more Disney decorations in the weeks to come!

So that’s the lot. Keep your eyes peeled, as I have some Las Vegas haul posts on the way, featuring clothing, makeup and a bit more Disney merchandise too! 

Have you been shopping in Primark lately? What have you picked up? Let me know in the comments below!

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