The Las Vegas Haul: Part 1- Clothing! (Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Abercrombie & More!)


As I mentioned in my London Primark Haul, I recently visited Las Vegas, and boy did I so some shopping. We hit up all the malls and shops in the casinos, and also visited the Las Vegas Premium Outlets North too. Now, it was mainly beauty items and some gifts for family, but I did pick up some clothing and shoes for myself, so I thought I’d show you what I spent my dollars on…

So let’s start with my buys from the Outlets. If you’re ever in Las Vegas I’d highly recommend a visit to the Premium Outlets North. It’s about $15 in a taxi from the strip. There are 175 stores, from high end brands to more affordable brands, and there is something for everyone there. 


First up, I picked up this tee from American Eagle. I liked the little slogan and the colours, along with how the back is that teeny bit longer than the front. I think it will go well with my grey skinny jeans and trainers. This was around $10. I was quite disappointed with American Eagle in general. On previous trips I have bought quite alot there, but this time I didn’t like the kind of more grungy yet skimpy direction that they were going in, which was disappointing.


Also in the outlets I picked up these grey sweats from GAP. They’re nice and lightweight, and I liked how they are cuffed at the end, and they’re quite slim fitting and not too sloppy like other sweats I own. These turned out to be kinda pricey, so they were around $30, which was probably a bit more than I should’ve paid for them.


Another pair of grey sweats that I probably didn’t need but bought anyway were these ones from Reebok. They’re a bit more fleecy inside than the others, and are softer feeling and have the same cuff bottoms style that I like. These were also in the outlets and a bit more reasonable than the GAP ones, at about $17.


Next up in the Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (where I bought my parents and auntie some gifts) I spotted this really nice knitted jumper. I never see anything in Tommy Hilfiger for myself, so I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It’s a kind of biscuit coloured heavy knit jumper and I just adore it. It’s so cosy and I love the style of it, I plan on keeping it to wear at Christmas. This was around $35.


Finally in the Outlets, I picked up these UGG boots. I know, I know, UGGs are long gone out of fashion, but you know what? I don’t care! They are by far the comfiest shoes ever, and are always my winter staple footwear. So I was delighted to find these cool boots that are a twist on the classic style, with the added knitted cuff and buckle detail. They’re really cosy and I’ll be pairing them with jeans, leggings and skirts with tights all winter. These were a complete bargain at $90.

Everything else that I picked up came from stores in the Casino malls, or in the Fashion Show Mall.


Next up, I found this cute cami top in Abercrombie & Fitch. I loved the autumnal colours and thought it would look nice with a cardi and jeans. You know me, I love a simple cami top! This was a steal at $10.


These shoes were something I was so excited to get my hands on. You guys know I’m  massive Disney fan, and as soon as I’d heard that Vans were doing a Toy Story range, I knew I’d need them in my life. They actually launched while we were in Las Vegas, so I got them on the day they were released. I mean, look at them. I love the whole Toys in Andy’s room design, but let’s be honest, the best part is the Andy signature on the right sole. I’m over the moon with these. So much so, that I even brought the box home in my luggage! These were pretty pricey at $70, but I had to have them. I’m plan on bringing them on my Walt Disney World trip next year.

Now, I learned something about myself on this trip. I learned that I have no willpower when it comes to PINK, the Victoria’s Secret store. I love the style of all the casual clothes there, and as you will see, I spent alot of money in there. 


First up, I picked up this tee. I love the greyish blue colour, and the simple style. It’s a great length, perfect for wearing with leggings, and it is so soft and cosy. I kinda wish I’d picked up some more of these in different colours now! This was $27.


Somewhat randomly, they kept handing me free pairs of pants with my purchases. It worked anyway, cos I went back and hauled up a storm on their underwear. This photo is probably already TMI, but I’m not gonna show you all the other pairs that I got. They have a great range of knickers, from boypants, to little shorts to the more skimpy numbers. Whatever floats your boat. While I was there, the offer was 7 pairs for $27.50 which was fantastic, so I made sure I stocked up.


I have to apologise for this photo. I mean the t-shirt is in a ball of creases. I have since realised that it is an absolute bitch to iron, so I’m glad I only bought one of these. I liked the long length of this and the cute criss cross design at the neck. In the store they had these teamed up with little bralettes underneath, so the slight bit of lace was peeking through  the top. I bought a little pinky coloured bralette at the ridiculous price of $30 (gulp) but to be honest when I wore it with the tee you could barely see it so it was kinda pointless. I do like this top, but it probably wasn’t worth the $25 I spent on it.


I picked up this sweatshirt too, it’s different from the typical style of hoodie I usually go for. I like the zip opening on the neckline, and the different shades of grey are perfect for casual winter wear. Yes, PINK is a bit out there with the print all over their clothes, but I love it! This was around $50 I think.


Another hoodie I picked up was this blue one. It’s a little more ‘normal’ than the other styles I’ve chosen from PINK. I’m actually wearing it now as I type, and its oh-so comfy, really soft and cosy. It’s also a bit longer than usual hoodies, which I like. This was also around $50. Yes, the clothes from PINK are kinda pricey in comparison to other brands, but honestly, I still have clothes from the brand from years ago that are still in great condition, so I think they’re worth the investment.


There was an offer in store that when you bought a hoodie you got a pair of sweats for $20, which I think was half price. As I was picking up the hoodies, I took the opportunity to grab even more sweats. I chose this charcoal grey pair, and I have lived in them ever since. They’re a slim fit on the leg, and I love the little tie up design at the waist, along with the more simple (by PINK standards anyway) logo on the leg. They are so comfy, I wish I’d bought several pairs in this style!


I also picked up these sweats as part of the $20 offer. These are a little more out there than the last pair. I love the little zip detail on the ankle, and the PINK logo on the leg and waistband. These fit pretty tight, almost like leggings, but they are so warm and cosy, I love wearing them!



Finally, this sweatshirt is my favourite purchase from PINK. I like how they do location specific clothing, so I wanted to pick up something from the Las Vegas range. I chose this top in a bigger size so it was slouchy, and I barely took it off for the entire week of our holiday. It is the most comfortable item of clothing that I own. Just popping this top on makes me so happy, and it’s perfect to wear when feeling cold, under the weather or just a bit hungover, as it’s like you’re being wrapped in a warm hug. I am just obsessed with it.  I think this was around $50 too.

So that’s the lot in terms of clothing! I don’t know about you, but when I visit The States, I only ever find casual clothing, I find it really hard to find evening or dressy clothes? Are you guys the same?

Be sure to keep your eye on the blog, as later in the week I’ll be popping up my other haul posts including a hell of a lot of makeup from Sephora, and some other random bits including alot of candles from Bath and Body Works!

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